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Can HNB Products Lower the Risks of Health?

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Can HNB Products Lower the Risks of Health?

  • 2019-10-10

Since the launch of heat-not-burn products , it has subverted people perception of tobacco. However, not all people recognize these new products as risk-reduced products as there always exist people who doubt the effectiveness of HNB to smokers.

In fact, all tobacco products pose health risks to a different degree. For HNB, it always has been regarded as an new kind of alternative to cigarettes because it significantly reduces harmful substances compared to traditional tobacco products. In June of this year, the latest clinical research results announced by international tobacco giant  also concluded that heat-not-burn products can reduce health risk.It’s the largest scale study of tobacco heating products so far, and has directly assessed its potential to reduce health risks in smokers.

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This study compared the differences in physiological responses between the 488 smokers who chose to smoke traditional cigarettes and the 496 smokers who used HNB products for six months. They evaluated 8 major and multiple secondary clinical risk indicators and found the indicators of HNB product users were improved.

Therefore, the results of this experiment can show that heat-not-burn products can practically reduce the risks of health.

HNB products use real tobacco, and release the most authentic flavor of tobacco via HNB technology. The harm of traditional cigarettes mainly come from the over 3800 chemical substances generated under the high combustion temperature of 600°C. Most of these chemicals are harmful to people, including CO, heavy metal element, organic pesticide and so on.

Through HNB technology, tobacco heating products taste as good as real cigarettes and pose much fewer health risks to smokers. It indeed is a healthier alternative to smoking.

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