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Continuous Efforts to Work on HNB Systems


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latest news

Tobacco Revolution: Pan For Gold in A 700 Billion Dollars Market Tobacco Revolution: Pan For Gold in A 700 Billion Dollars Market

Traditional tobacco——the sole Commodity in the world which does us no good while legalized for sales globally,there is nothing in the world so contrad

Continuous Efforts to Work on HNB Systems

  • 2018-10-29

There have been some negative views of heat not burn when people saw the slower sales increase of IQOS in Japan in the last quarter. But does this really mean that the HNB project will fizzle out in the end?

We don’t think so. The early quick sales growth of hnb products are mainly contributed to young adopters who are easily used to new things while it’ll take a longer period for older smokers to switch from traditional cigarettes to smoke-free heated tobacco products. This happens a lot when a new product disrupts an existing market.

Japan is not the only hnb market; Europe is also a market with great potential and once products of this kind get FDA approval, millions more smokers are very likely to switch. Heat-not-burn technology has been around since the 1990s, but MySmok, IQOS ,GlO are the first generation of really effective products.  And these companies are continuing to work hard to make a further improvement on tobacco heating systems. We can expect to see improved versions appearing – devices that will be even easier to use, come even closer to the experience of smoking a cigarette. For instance, with the continues efforts of R&D team, MySmok recently is rolling out the newest version of iSMOD II, whose smoking time is prolonged from 210s to 260s, allowing the heatsticks to be better heated and giving smokers a greater and more enjoyable smoking experience.

Every new product will have to experience a certain period of time to improve and be accepted by more and more people, and there is no exception for HNB. World leading companies including PMI, BAT and KT&G have invested billions of dollars in this project, which already has displayed a general trend in this industry——gradually replacing cigarettes with smoke-free HNB products. Investors can stay positive and expect HNB to grow and thrive in the foreseeable future.

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