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Global Tobacco Industry Development 2017(2)


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latest news

Tobacco Revolution: Pan For Gold in A 700 Billion Dollars Market Tobacco Revolution: Pan For Gold in A 700 Billion Dollars Market

Traditional tobacco——the sole Commodity in the world which does us no good while legalized for sales globally,there is nothing in the world so contrad

Global Tobacco Industry Development 2017(2)

  • 2018-12-10

The EU Regulation On Tobacco

Something about the new version of《Instruction On Tobacco Products 》,this instruction was revised in 2014 and enforced universally in 2016,but some European countries including Luxembourg,Spain and Sweden still didn’t convert the new instructions to domestic law.This instruction on tobacco products was enforced universally in May 2017,which led to a rapid development of heat not burn product.For it regarded heat not burn product as tobacco product in many aspects,so the EU has issued a series of regulations on its package and branding,while the channel of distribution excluded,compared to other governmental regulations which took tobacco product as drugs,this instruction is much easier,it does the development of heat not burn product good.

In December 2017,EU formally claimed the launch of new tobacco product tracking system in order to crack down illegal tobacco trade.It’s said that the new system will attach labels to each pack of tobacco product,it can not only track them but also serve as an identification of product safety.The new system will be applied to all sorts of tobacco products by May 20th 2019.

Other Regulations On Tobacco Product

Something about the plain package of tobacco products.In 2017,countries including Australia,Hungary,Slovenia have already done with legislative procedure,others like France,Britain and Norway have already enforced it.The sales amount of tobacco products in 2017 is 2.2 million cases.The changes in taxation have also resulted in the increase in tax revenue,such as Britain,France and Italy.

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