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Heat not Burn——A market Combined Opportunities and Challenges

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Heat not Burn——A market Combined Opportunities and Challenges

  • 2018-10-13

As the world keeps on taking action to control the consumption of tobaccos,the market share of traditional

tobaccos has been decreasing,while the R&D of Next Generation products get more and more popular,even going so far

as to change our consumers’lifestyle and heat not burn devices stand out among them.

When heated,the temperature of heatstick will be maintained at about 300 degree Celsius,the heatstick can bring you

the same feel as ordinary cigarettes.Since it heat not burn the tobaccos,most harmful chemicals from ordinary

cigarettes will not be produced.No combustion,no ash, tar,second-hand smoke or bad odor,low volume of nicotine and

a mouthful of tobacco-flavored vapor.along with its business type design and simple operation makes it popular among


According to the Global Tobacco Development Report,the sales of heat not burn products in 2017 was about 5 billion

dollars,rose by 138% compared to last year,led to a rapid development of electric cigarettes industry.

Heat not burn products led by GLO expand rapidly all over the world,the prospective huge and growing

market offers a new revenue growth opportunity to electric cigarettes industry.The rapid development of heat not

burn industry  has tempted global tobacco companies into investing in this field.In recent years,relevant companies

have achieved breakthrough in the aspect of R&D,this industry is in a stage of rapid growth.

But heat not burn devices also face many challenges in the process of globalization:

Firstly,since heat not burn is still a new technology,it’s a completely new conception to many consumers,whether it helps

quit smoking or does it has bad effect on mankind health remain to be revealed by further research.Take GLO . for

instance,despite its leading sales position in other regions outside the US,it’s  prohibited from entering domestic market,

the reason was that it didn’t pass relevant tests conducted by FDA.

Secondly,Unlike traditional tobaccos,heat not burn products are more novel in its appearance,which attracts many

teenagers.Due to the imperfection of regulation,many teens are tempted to smoke E-Cigs out of curiosity,even going so

far as to switch to ordinary cigarettes,which has a bad social effect.For example,the Hong Kong government has recently

considered a total ban of E-Cigs since the younger generation who adopt these products are misdirected and turn

a blind eye to health.What’s more,voice from FDA also indicated that if the electric cigarette manufactures stand

by and remain indifferent to the unchecked spread of E-Cigs among teens,it will ban all E-Cigs in US.This action is specially

targeted at five brands :Juul,Vuse,MarkTen,Blu and Logic,these five manufactures are requested to submit schemes in

60 days and elaborate on how to prevent teenagers from smoking.

Last but not the least,since heat not burn device have struck traditional tobacco industry to a large extent,the

governments of many countries have restricted the import of E-Cigs,such as banning heatsticks or imposing a levy on


In a word,heat not burn devices have a promising future,manufactures in this field shall seize the opportunities and

avoid risk in pursuit of further development.

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