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Heat Not Burn Product:Not Every Pig In The Middle of A Whirlwind Can Fly

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Heat Not Burn Product:Not Every Pig In The Middle of A Whirlwind Can Fly

  • 2019-10-10

In the last year,the market had witnessed a rapid development of heat not burn products,many companies have been engaging in the research and development of heat not burn product,including Mysmok Electric Technology Company L.td,Philip Morris International,British American Tobacco and Japan Tobacco International and other enterprises.To those traditional tobacco industry,heat not burn product is going to be the new point of growth of their business,as for those innovative enterprises,they wished to find a place in the middle of the whirlwind and seize the opportunity.

In the context of the rapid development of heat not burn industry,there are so many such products popped up on the market,

making the market a highly competitive one,with so many companies participate in the competition,it looks as if the spring is not far behind.

But there are also many problems remaining to be settled.First,the quality,especially the heating blade,it’s said that the heating blade of many products are easily broken.Secondly,the price,it;s said that the price varies a lot among the same product,some people felt that they have been treated.Last but not the least,serious product homogenization phenomenon,it is no surprise that product which were exactly the same were produced by different manufactures.These problems listed above make it hard for consumers to make choice.Jack Ma,CEO of Alibaba Group,once said that not every pig can fly in the middle of a whirlwind.Despite these problems,there are still some companies resolved to engage in the research of a premium product.Here I am going to introduce you such a company:Mysmok Electric Technology Company L.td.By now we have rolled out two kinds of heat not burn devices——Mysmok ISMOD I and Mysmok ISMOD II,they have won a good reputation in many countries.

Our product can deliver a mouthful of nicotine but produce no harmful chemicals,no tar or ash.It does not burn a cigarette,yet bringing you the same feel as ordinary cigarette.It can evenly and fully heat the tobacco stick to 320 degree Celsius,under such a relatively low temperature the tobacco is well heated without chemical combustion.

Mysmok Ismod I is our first tobacco heating device,it gives you 210S of enjoyment(20S of Preheating Time included)and allows the consumption of 10 heatsticks at a single charge.

Mysmok ISMOD II is our second tobacco heating device,it gives you 260S of enjoyment(20S of Preheating Time included).Sticking to the philosophy of minimalism,ISMOD II is compact,portable and convenient.

Both of our products obtain several patents, accurate temperature control guarantees the authentic flavor,one button operation,simple and fun.

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