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Is there any Heat-Not-Burn Device that is comparable to IQOS?

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Is there any Heat-Not-Burn Device that is comparable to IQOS?

  • 2018-09-28

It has been centuries since traditional tobaccos existed, but nowadays people tend to pursue a healthier way of smoking, which has led to the invention of electronic cigarettes. The progress of E-Cigs market is not so desirable despite its function as an alternative to traditional cigarettes. The trouble is that compared to combustible tobacco, vaporized E-Liquid is poor in flavor and convenience. However, the popularity of IQOS, which is featured by heat-not–burn technology as well as simultaneous innovation of tobaccos and pipes, drew smokers’ attention to new E-Cigs again. Is there any heat-not-burn device that is comparable to IQOS?

The global tobacco market is too huge for IQOS to cover and meet all the demand, hence many competitors emerged. Moreover, the core technology of heat-not-burn device——Ceramic Heat Blade are getting developed day by day; products of these competitors are highly competitive in safety, experience and what our consumers care most——price.

Since MySmok Tech has rolled out two HNB products, namely iSMOD I and iSMOD II. Let’s make comparisons of MySmok heat-not-burn device and IQOS.

1.IQOS needs to be recharged after each consumption of a heatstick, then you always need to take the pocket charger with you, which is less convenient, while Mysmok ISMOD I allows the consumption of 10-13 heatsticks at a single charge. What’s more encouraging is that MySmok iSMOD II comes with two holders and a large capacity charging base(2200mAh), which allows the consumption of 22-30 heatsticks at a single charge, a very powerful product.

2.IQOS is very sensitive to the changing temperature. Many people said that IQOS tended to shutdown automatically due to low temperature in winter, and you need to warm it for startup. When summer comes and the temperature gets high, the holder turns hot and gives out red light, and the device gets damaged easily under such extreme circumstance. But it is not the case with MySmok iSMOD I and MySmok ISMOD II. They have been trialed under extreme circumstance and proved to be able to work well in all kinds of environment; the demand of smokers are completely met .

3.The heat blade of IQOS breaks easily. People who have been using IQOS for a long period all confront this problem: when you insert the heatstick into the holder or remove it, if you twist the heatstick accidentally, Oops, the heat blade is broken. What’s worse, the heat blade is likely to be broken when you clean it. But the heat blade of Mysmok iSMOD is made of special materials——MCH Ceramic Heat Blade; relevant tests led to the conclusion that it endures external pressure well.

4.Mysmok iSMOD II is distinguished from IQOS by its pioneering double-holder design. With the magnetic charging function, it spares the trouble of frequent charging.

5.The red light IQOS gives out mislead our consumers easily. Since it needs to be recharged after each use, if you forget to charge it and press the heating button, it gives out red light. Actually it’s a sign of reminding you to charge it, but sometimes it’s confusing.

6.Last but not least, the price of IQOS 2.4 plus is usually sold at 99 dollars per piece, while the unit price of MySmok iSMOD I and MySmok iSMOD II is more favorable to smokers. For detailed price information of iSMOD, please go check at mysmokchina.en.alibaba.com.

The comparative advantages of Mysmok heat-not-burn device are concluded as below:

1. Allow the consumption of a number of heatsticks at a single charge

2..Adaptive to extreme circumstances, meet the demand of smokers well

3.The heat blade doesn’t break easily, endures external pressure well

4.Compact,portable and convenient, attractive appearance

5.Great advantage in price, live up to the expectation of consumers

We can tell that IQOS can be further improved in many aspects, and it is doubtless that Mysmok heat-not-burn device emerges as a competitive alternative.

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