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MySmok Heat-Not-Burn Technology Advances Over Time

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MySmok Heat-Not-Burn Technology Advances Over Time

  • 2018-07-18

Since the launch of PMI’s tobacco heating system in Japan in 2014, the product has quickly spread to major physical stores and is now available in more than 30 countries. For a company with an annual output of approximately 850 billion cigarettes, the meaning of "smoke-free era" that Philip Morris International said is extraordinary. However, as a pioneer in HNB tobacco devices, some shortcomings in the user experience of iqos are gradually emerging. Therefore, MySmok's R&D team has made further improvements on heat-not-burn technology in order to bring better smoking experience.


1. IQOS uses full power output, so the output power is uncontrollable, which is greatly affected by the battery voltage and the line loss is relatively large. The energy supply of the heat blade is not balanced, resulting in unstable temperature control.

MySmok automatically adjusts the power-supply control unit to control the output power according to the temperature of the heat blade. Therefore, the temperature control is very stable with high work efficiency.

From User Experience:

1, IQOS’s preheating time is 25S while MySmok products only need 20S for preheating.

2.When the preheating process is done, IQOS’s temperature is kept above 350 °C. As for MySmok, if the user is not smoking, the temperature will be kept at 300 °C; when smoking, the temperature rises rapidly and keeps at 320 °C. Our patent-supported temperature control system allows the tobacco stick to be fully and evenly heated without burning. So the tobacco taste is well reserved and delivered. At the same time, it’s energy saving and provides longer smoking time.

However, this is not to say how bad IQOS is in these aspects. As a leader in the industry, IQOS is unmatched by other products in many technologies.

It is believed that in the near future, under the continuous efforts of R&D team in the HNB industry, this product will be more perfect and loved by more consumers.

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