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Philip Morris International Invested 2 Million Pounds to Launch an Anti-smoking Campaign

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Philip Morris International Invested 2 Million Pounds to Launch an Anti-smoking Campaign

  • 2018-10-31

According to a report by《The Daily Telegraph》,global tobacco giant Philip Morris International who own the cigarette brand“Marlboro”invested 2 million pounds to launch an anti-smoking campaign named“Hold My Light”in Britain,appeal to smokers to ask their family members and friends to help them quit smoking.

Managing director Peter•Nixon from this company observed that this campaign opened up a new field and their next step would be designing a smoke –free future.The smokers have more options in quitting smoking than ever,such as heat not burn products.

PMI opened a special website to introduce the way to quit smoking,advising smokers setting a small goal of“Stop Smoking In The Following 30 days”,the rationale for such initiative is that according to the research of the British Public Health Service, people who can quit smoking for 28 days have five times the possibility of quitting smoking forever than others.

Besides publicizing the advantage of quitting smoking on the “Holding My Lighter”website,PMI also preaches heat not burn products,it claimed that“although heat not burn product is not without risk,but the British Public Health Service  found out that heat not burn product can lower the risk compared to traditional tobacco”.The Times also reported that tobacco giants like PMI has been developing smoke-free products such as heat not burn device along with the decrease of the number of smokers.

Philip Morris International spun off from its parent company Altria Group and established as listed company in 2006.managing international tobacco business outside the US,this group is so famed that even people does not smoking is familiar with it,as a global tobacco giant,PMI possess 6 of the 15 best-selling tobacco brands,including the top-selling brand Marlboro and sales No.3 brand L&M,tobacco business is fundamentally monopolistic,PMI,BAT,JTI and Imperial Tobacco make up 71% of the global tobacco market,which monopolize most tobacco markets in the world.The global business of PMI spread over more than 180 countries and regions in the world,and PMI owns about 50 factories and sales organizations.

But the performance of PMI and Altria Group faltered these years due to multiple pressures like global anti-smoking campaign,rise in taxation and governmental overreaction to rolling tobacco,it is the same with global tobacco market.Besides the global anti-smoking campaign,people attached more importance to health along with the increase of income.From 1990-2017,global smoking rate fell from 29.4% to 15.3%.For example,according to the statistics of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,the smoking rate of American adults fell from 23.2% in 2000 to 15.2% in 2016.

Well,it doesn’t impact profitability of PMI,typified by this company,the income of American tobacco industry rose by 32% resulted from smokers’dependencies on cigarettes while tobacco company rose the price of tobacco products.The past ten years have witnessed a series of acquisitions in American tobacco industry,seven merged into two,expanded scale and improvement in centrality helped these two companies reduce costs and enhance pricing power to increase profits.Take for instance the profits of American tobacco industry,it reached an amount of 18.4 billion dollars,which increased by 77% compared to ten years ago.

Under the influence of strengthening control of tobacco and improvement in health awareness,new smoke-free product(traditional tobacco alternative)is the direction of researching and developing of many tobacco companies.These multinational tobacco groups moved their strategic focus to the field of new smoke-free products with no exceptional,PMI stands out among them,the heat not burn product it rolled out——IQOS makes up 40% of the market share in a short period,investors place great hopes on it.According to the report of international investment bank Goldman:the market size of next generation product will reach an amount of 10 billion dollars in the following five years,it will make up about 10% of the sales and 15% of the profits of entire tobacco industry by 2020.The popularity of electric cigarette culture cause teenagers to think that it is very cool.

The shipments of tobacco industry has been falling these years resulted from the anti-smoke campaign and improvement in health awareness as mentioned above,the business of PMI is global and its major markets are Europe and Russia,economy in these regions were not so good and the shipments of PMI have dropped to a certain extent.PMI rose the price of tobacco in order to solve this problem.But such conduct led to a drop in sales in Asian and Latin American countries who are sensitive to the changes in price,which is a vicious circle.

Such drop in the shipments of traditional tobacco is hard to be reversed,so people placed great hopes on heat not burn devices such as IQOS,the reasons that consumers switched to electric cigarette are the influence of electric cigarette culture and the demand to replace traditional tobacco,but according to the materials gathered,the consumer group of electric cigarette are mostly teenagers,while it’s hard for chronic smoker to change habits,IQOS is prohibited is America at present for the FDA doubted that it is not healthy enough.

But according to the British Smoking and Health Campaign Organization,electric cigarette is healthier than traditional cigarette,it helps to improve public health.

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