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Should Electric Cigarette Be Banned For The Nicotine It Contains?


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latest news

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Should Electric Cigarette Be Banned For The Nicotine It Contains?

  • 2018-10-29

Should we ban electric cigarette for the nicotine it contains?Recently the news media in the US and Europe debated whether we should ban electric cigarettes.What’s pitiful is that even the most active advocators of electric cigarettes could only refute this kind of viewpoint with some researches,but now The Financial Times came out for electric cigarettes.

It published an article——《Nicotine is Healthier Compared to Traditional Tobacco》,which elaborated on its view on the arguments about electric cigarettes.We summed up their opinions and shared with you here.

Are these arguments targeted at nicotine?

To the US FDA,the tobacco companies have concealed the harm of tobacco from the FDA for the past ten years,and it is afraid of being cheated by electric cigarettes a second time.Nicotine is harmful to teenagers,not to adults.The Financial Times noted that the relevant departments shouldn’t act in haste and learn from the regulations of Germany and British,for tobacco will claim lives,but it doesn’t mean that nicotine will,nor electric cigarettes.

And speaking of the harm nicotine does to teenagers,caffeine is also harmful to our health.Take Nespresso for instance,there aren’t any signs of warning on its package despite its popularity all over the world,as a country formed the habit of drinking coffee for many years,the US seems to have overreacted to electric cigarette,they should have better regulated it and encouraged the adoption of electric cigarettes among adults.

People in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle misled the public opinion

According to known findings of electric cigarette,electric cigarettes is much harmless than traditional tobacco,people who advocate a healthy lifestyle should hold an objective attitude toward electric cigarette instead of throwing a scare into people with all kinds of harsh warnings.If we can’t treat something completely new to us objectively ,we are narrow-minded,let alone such a product doomed to reduce harm.

The stock price of tobacco companies like PMI have dropped these days,which means that many smokers realized the harm of traditional cigarette and switched to traditional tobacco alternatives(For example:IQOS),there is no need to overreact.

News from large tobacco companies

According to the latest news,PMI is about to roll out IQOS 3 and IQOS Multi,which will be available in Japan and Korea in a week and in Europe in September.We will know more about them later.Apparently a smoke-free future will be the direction of the development of tobacco industry,continuous oppression will turn on itself.

Smoke-free future is a trend,the tobacco market will continue to favor smoke-free products,just as what PMI claimed:Designing A Smoke-free Future.

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