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Something You Should Know Before Switching To Heated Tobacco Product

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Something You Should Know Before Switching To Heated Tobacco Product

  • 2019-11-29

The tendency of controlling smoking and banning smoking has been more and more obvious in the last decade,the room for smoking is smaller than before,many smokers were propelled to switch to smoke-free product.It’s doubtless that heated tobacco product is one among the most popular of them,for it can deliver a mouthful of nicotine but produce no harmful chemicals.It’s desirable for smokers to get a harm-reduction product in hand at present.

Hence the policy of controlling smoking and banning smoking has put heated tobacco product under the spotlight.Lei Jun——CEO of Xiaomi Group once said that even a pig can fly if it can find a place in the eye of a storm.So in the interval,many kinds of smoke-free products were rolled out,but the truth is that not every product deserves a try,many consumers have trouble choosing a suitable product.It takes courage to quit smoking,a quality product shall fill the gap between traditional tobacco and smokeless product,but how can we sort out a quality product which helps reduce harm and quit smoking.Here I am going to introduce you a reputable smoke-free product——Mysmok ISMOD II.

Take an ordinary harm-reduction product,for instance,the basic function are“Smoke-free”and“Harm-reduction”.Speaking of “Harm-reduction”,most of the next generation products can reduce about 90% of the harm compared to traditional tobacco,so it is the premise of the existence of next generation product,here we can leave it aside. Besides“Harm-reduction”。the distinction among them is“Smoke-free”,the closer its flavor to traditional tobacco,the better it serves as an alternative to traditional tobacco.Comparing electric cigarette to heated tobacco product,the working principles are different,so the flavors differ.When using a electric cigarette,what you inhale is actually vapor with flavor,while heated tobacco product release smog analogous to rolling tobacco,so the flavor of heated tobacco product is closer to traditional tobacco,it will be accepted by chronic smokers.That’s why Mysmok ISMOD II won itself a good reputation after getting into the market.

We can conclude that heated tobacco product is more popular among smokers,but with so many brands on the market,the quality of them varies,you need to keep your eyes opening when selecting one,especially those who switch to heated tobacco product not long before,they are likely to make a bad choice just because they are inexperienced,while the taste has great influence on the success rate of quit ordinary smoking.So how to sort a quality product from so many brands on the market?We still use Mysmok ISMOD II as an example.


Imagine,with a frequently-used product in hand and you often admire its appearance,material,handle and quality,that is why Mysmok ISMOD II distinguishes itself from other products,especially to business professionals,they care more about the quality of product,for it is the symbol of status,sticking to the philosophy of minimalism,Mysomk ISMOD II is compact,portable and convenient,corresponding to its business position,you can take it wherever you go.


Sometimes you may want to stop smoking temporarily,no problem,the one-button operation of Mysomk ISMOD II is simple and fun,you can stop smoking whenever you want.Such design is considerate enough.


You need to clean up the heating blade after smoking,different design leads to different methods of cleaning,the trouble is that the heating blade of some products tend to break in the process of cleaning.The heating blade of Mysmok ISMOD II is made of MCH Ceramic,you can clean it with the brush in the packaging box.


Mysmok ISMOD II allows the consumption of 20 heatsticks,that is one pack,so never worry about the endurance of Mysmok ISMOD II,it lives up to the daily demand of chronic smokers.

So we can judge the quality of one kind of heated tobacco device from four aspects,you can form your own opinion after reading this article.

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