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Striving for a Smoke-free Future

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Tobacco Revolution: Pan For Gold in A 700 Billion Dollars Market Tobacco Revolution: Pan For Gold in A 700 Billion Dollars Market

Traditional tobacco——the sole Commodity in the world which does us no good while legalized for sales globally,there is nothing in the world so contrad

Striving for a Smoke-free Future

  • 2019-10-11

Mysmok’s Mission Statement

When Mysmok was found at the very beginning, our mission has always been providing smokers with a healthier alternative. Many people have a misunderstanding that tobacco heating device is a way from wicked merchants to push up the sales of tobacco. However, the fact is that we never intend to shove this kind of device into non-smokers or those who have successfully quitted smoking. Quitting smoking  certainly is the best choice for one’s health. Nonetheless, we also have to admit that no everyone can make it in the end. Therefore, we’ve been dedicating ourselves to the research, development and manufacture of tobacco heating device since 2016. So far, we’ve invested millions of RMB into the recruitment of senior engineers, the manufacture of high-precision components, the test of prototypes and the constant improvement of the devices. No matter from the appearance design or from the inside temperature control system, we stick to the principle of originality——the patents we’ve got already speak volumes.

Luckily, after all staff’s co-effort and thousands of times of experiments and examination, we now have ISMOD I and ISMOD II available in the market. For those who have tried out our products, most of them are fond of the smoke-free devices in no time and are willing to switch from regular cigarettes to our ISMOD.

Thus, our mission statement is clear in every Mysmok worker’s mind: to offer millions of smokers a healthier and smoke-free alternative, which maintains them the enjoyment of nicotine taste from tobacco but at the same time, prevents smokers from in taking harmful chemical substance like tar.

The Technology of ISMOD

Generally speaking, to smoke is to combust a cigarette, whose temperature can go up to 600°C when lit. The burning process produces smoke, tar, nicotine and leaves annoying ash in the end. Smokers enjoy smoking as they feel good about the taste of nicotine. Though nicotine can be additive, those smoking related diseases like lung cancer almost have nothing to with nicotine, but are always caused by those harmful chemical substances generated during the burning of the cigarette. Therefore, to preserve the original flavor of tobacco and get smokers rid of the harmful chemicals, we research, develop and manufacture a device that heat but not combusts tobacco.

Here is the working mechanism of our ISMOD: when you press the button to turn on the device, the heater inside the rod will start working and heat the special heatstick up to 320°C. As long as the temperature hits 320°C, the intelligent temperature control system will automatically maintain it and prevent the heat blade from going overheating——one is for the protection of the heat blade; the other is for delivering the best flavor of tobacco. Through this way, one can intake much fewer harmful chemicals than regular cigarettes.

As the heating technology is adopted, no smoke will produce when smoking; our tobacco heating device will not only benefit smokers, but also bring non-smokers a second-hand-smoke-free future.

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