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The Adoption of Heat-Not-Burn Technology——MySmok

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The Adoption of Heat-Not-Burn Technology——MySmok

  • 2018-08-10

MySmok adopts groundbreaking heat-not-burn technology that heats real tobacco without chemical combustion. It brings smokers the most authentic flavor of tobacco without smoke, ash or any bad smell.

The production of MySmok is by no means easy. It’s the painstaking efforts of all MySmok R&D and management team, who make a great contribution to tens of thousands of smokers, who already have switched from ordinary smoking to MySmok.

MySmok needs to be used with a special kind of tobacco stick, which is inserted into the smoking holder, and the highly sensitive heat blade inside the device will quickly heat the tobacco stick up to 320C within 20s. Our patent-supported intelligent temperature control system guarantees the tobacco is well heated without burning.

No Smoke: By heating not burning the tobacco stick, MySmok creates nicotine-contained vapor instead of smoke, which will dissipate very quickly and leave no bad smell on your clothes.

No Ash: As MySmok does not burn the tobacco stick, there’s no ash left.

No Bad Smell: After using MySmok, there is much less smell lingering at the place you smoke, leaving no influence on indoor air quality.

Attention: MySmok is not completely risk free. It’s only for adult smokers, not for who never smoke and who have successfully quitted smoking. The best way to get away from smoke- related health problem is to quit smoking.

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