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The Forbes Predicted That Heat Not Burn Device Has A Promising Future

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The Forbes Predicted That Heat Not Burn Device Has A Promising Future

  • 2019-10-10

According to an article published by the《Forbes》,The《Forbes》expected the possibility of switching from traditional tobacco to heat not burn product will rise a lot,heat not burn product will make up 70%-90% of the market share,there are two primary causes.

Firstly,heat not burn tobacco device can significantly reduce harmful chemicals compared to traditional tobacco,the World Health Organization predicted that there will be more than 1 billion smokers in the world by 2025.Since the demand of  tobacco product is so huge,it is necessary to develop harm-reduction alternative to traditional tobacco.Heat not burn product heat instead of burning tobacco,compared with traditional tobacco,it can reduce about 90% of harmful chemicals and produce no tar,ash or second-hand smoke,so that others can be protected from the harm of second-hand smoke.By now,many researches have proved that heat not burn product can reduce harm to human health compared to traditional tobacco.

Secondly,heat not burn product can deliver you the same flavor as traditional cigarette while reducing the harm of smoking,it heats the heatstick to a temperature of 320 Degree Celsius with the heating blade,which guarantee the flavor and reduce harmful chemicals.According to the British《Daily Mail》,the harmful chemicals inherent in the smog is responsible for relevant diseases,rather than nicotine.So the nicotine and flavor of heat not burn product can not only meet the demand of consumer but also lead more smokers to switch to heat not burn product.Moreover ,it also reduces the harm of smoking.

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The prediction of the《Forbes》about the future of HNB also implied that heat not burn product will design a smoke-free future.An economic phenomenon can’t exist independently of social development.If heat not burn products can make up 70%-90% of the market,it will be a great step forward.

Nowadays more and more companies are investing on heat not burn device,including manufacture in China.Mysmok Electric Co.Ltd is one among them,it is a supplier specialized in R&D,manufacturing and selling heat not burn device,we are engaging in designing a smoke-free future.

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