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The Highlight of 2018 IECIE ECIG EXPO——Mysmok

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The Highlight of 2018 IECIE ECIG EXPO——Mysmok

  • 2018-12-13

The 2018 IECIE ECIG EXPO has successfully ended last weekend,as an major event of the global tobacco industry,it's said to be a complete success,especially to Mysmok who has achieved a lot during the exhibition.

Here are some pictures shot during the event

As you can seen above,the whole pavilion is decorated in sumptuous blue color scheme,corresponding to the high-technological industry which Mysmok belongs to,when you comes near,you will be amazed by its unique degian,which makes it stand out among many other pavilions.

The picture below shows the products of our company,including Mysmok ISMOD I and Mysmok ISMOD II.

During the three days(From December 7th to December 9th),our sales team are busy introducing the products to clients and professional investors every day,

The 2018 IECIE ECIG EXPO also gave our company a surprise,you know what?Our company was interviewed by the China Central Televison,it is rare when a company gets the chance to be interviewed by CCTV,and our Sales Director Rachel spoke on behalf of our company,she illustrated the brand history,company strength and vision of our company,which shows that Mysmok is an innovative and responsible enterprise.

Hence we believe that the future of Mysmok is promising,the future of heat not burn industry is promising and a smoke-free future is foreseeable,For more details of 2018 IECIE ECIG EXPO,please follow us on Linkedin,Twitter,Facebbok and Weibo.

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