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Our first tobacco heating device: iSMOD II. The special designed miniature cigarettes,

are inserted into the heating holder, leaving out the filter. Then the build-in high precious

temperature sensor will heats the tobacco to 320°C within 20 seconds.

It deliver a mouthful of tobacco -flavored vapor. Since it use heating, not burning,

so there is no ash, less tar and no second-hand smoke. it reduce bad chemical

release compare to traditional tobacco products.

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Compact and colorful appearance 2200mAh tobacco heating device with double rods Our newest smoke free products: iSMOD II. Patented temperature control system ensure that our product supported under intellectual property protected . Packed design with double rods. Since it use heating, not burning, so there is no ash, less tar and no second-hand smoke. it reduce bad chemical release compare to traditional tobacco products.


Mysmok iSMODⅡPLus is a  a updated version Heated Tobacco device,it 's double-rods design, with the magnetic charging function,more strong,there is a power bank with a capacity of 2600 mAh and 160 mAh rod. This is some kind of novelty,would you like to try it.

Disposable Vape Pod System
MS2020 Disposable Vape Pod System

MS2020 is a Disposable Vape Pod. It's the newest generation of vaping products. Easy to use and carry.  So, try out the hottest thing on the market right now in terms of devices. Whether you are just using them for fun, convenience, or just starting out, we have a pod system for you!

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Leather Pouch for MySmok Heated tobacco Device

• The leather pouch is made of high-quality microfiber material •  It’s smooth, wearable, easy to clean, cost effective, small in size but has a large storage capacity. • Every inch of the space is well utilized. The cleaning device, the special tobacco sticks and the heated tobacco device can be put in place without friction. • The magnetic core inside the leather cover can keep the case well closed and protect the stuff from falling off.

Tobacco Heating Device Charging Cable

• A copper core charging cable, safe and fast charging. • The smart chip at the interface ensures stable current input without harming the tobacco heating system. • The USB connector is reinforced to prevent cracking and breaking, more sturdy and durable.

iSMOD II factory direct vape mod electronic cigarette 2200mAh

Mysmok iSMOD II  Heat without Burning Kit  is a e cigarette device to be used with heating tobacco. It features fast charging and battery capacity of 2200mAh. It comes in three different colors. Have a try! •  iSMOD II comes with two smoking holders and a large capacity charging base (2200 mAh). •  Sticking to the philosophy of minimalism, iSMOD II is compact, portable and convenient. Take it wherever you want! •  As iSMOD heats but not burns tobacco sticks, the nicotine taste is well reserved while harmful chemicals are substantially reduced compared to traditional cigarettes. •  It should be known that iSMOD II is for adult smokers, not for those who have never smoked or who have quit smoking. •  Rod Size: Φ14.5*92mm   Product Size: 55*101*21mm   Gift Box size: 50*144*41mm •  Net Weight: 104g             Gross Weight: 180g

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