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Why Heat Not Burn Product is So Popular?


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Why Heat Not Burn Product is So Popular?

  • 2019-03-18

Heat not burn product is something that reprocess traditional tobacco and then heat it with electronic components so that you can smoke.Unlike rolling tobacco,it produces no tar,ash or harmful chemicals,while it still uses heatsticks as material,which can deliver a mouthful of nicotine but produces no harmful chemicals.

A high level of satisfaction is the foothold of harm-reduction product,electric cigarette is previous to heat not burn product,but it seems that heat not burn product has a more promising future,for it offers a higher level of satisfaction.

heat not burn product

According to data from Euromonitor International,the sales of global next generation product is about 2.1 billion dollars,and the Japanese market made up 96%;it’s predicted that the sales of heat not burn product would rise to 15.4 billion dollars by 2021.it’s noteworthy that the shipments of heat not burn product in Japan made up only 3% of the total tobacco shipments,but it will made up 47% of the market share by 2021.

For instance,Mysmok ISMOD I(single holder) and Mysmok ISMOD II (two holders) are heat not burn products which can bring you the same feel as ordinary tobacco,it significantly reduces 90% of the harmful chemicals compared to traditional tobacco.Since 2016,Mysmok Electric Technology Co.Ltd has invested heavily on the R%D of heat not burn product.According to relevant research,Mysmok products can reduce 90% of the harmful chemicals and do no harm to indoor air quality.

heat not burn product

Mysmok heat not burn product is fundamentally comprised of two parts:the holder and the charging base,it’s compatible with HEETS(heststick produced by Philip Morris International),it heats the cartridge rather than burn it,produces no smoke and ash.When using it,insert the tobacco stick into the holder,and then press the button,the built-in heating blade will heat the stick to 320 degree Celsius within 20S.

heat not burn product

In 2014,PMI chose to introduce its heat not burn product——IQOS in Japan,the reason why Japan was selected as the first market was that Japan is the greatest tobacco market in the world with 20 million smokers,besides,the Japanese consumers are fond of trying new products and new technologies.Moreover,the Japanese government strictly restricted the trade and import of e-liquid.By 2017,the market share of heat not burn product has increased from less than 1% to 13.9% within 2 years.

Besides Japan,next generation product has also been rolled out in Switzerland,Russia,Portugal,Germany and Canada.By April 2017,you can find all kinds of heat not burn products on sale in Japan and 24 other countries or regions in the world.According to relevant research,among those who use heat not burn products,the consumer conversion ratio of the Japanese market reaches 72%,much higher than traditional cigarette,conversion ratio in Swiss,Russian,Italian,Romanian and Portuguese market has also reached 50%,about 1.4 million adult smokers switched from traditional cigarette to heat not burn products,which implied a high market acceptance among consumers.

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