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Why Is HNB Frequently Under the Spotlight Recently?


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Why Is HNB Frequently Under the Spotlight Recently?

  • 2018-08-13

Recently, the frequent occurrence of "smoking e-cigarettes in public places" has continuously put electronic cigarettes under the spotlights. For instance, it’s reported that there was a man in the subway publicly smoked electronic cigarettes, greatly offending other passengers; and just two days ago, another passenger complained that there was a woman on the subway who smoked e-cigarette. Many people think that the electronic cigarettes in these news are referred to heat-not-burn products, and products of this kind have become the "storm center" of these unpleasant public events.

But according to the image in the video, the e-cigarette used by the woman is obviously not tobacco heating product.

HNB products and electronic cigarettes seem to be used in the same way, as there is nothing wrong with counting the heat-not-burn device as electronic cigarettes for its use of electronic devices. However, in the strict sense, HNB devices cannot be considered as electronic cigarettes. The reason why this product is misunderstood as "e-cigarette" is mainly because the HNB product like IQOS has become a kind of trend, especially when some stars on the Internet are also users of IQOS. So when the public sees e-cigarettes, it is naturally associated with HNB.

Unlike the working mechanism of electronic cigarettes, which is well known to the public, heat-not-burn device is directly heating the tobacco stick by means of electronic equipment instead of burning it with fire. As for electronic cigarettes, it satisfies users by atomizing e-liquid. As early as 1963, Gilbert is the first one who proposed the concept of e-cig. By 2004, Chinese physician Li Han materialized the concept of electronic cigarettes. The general electronic cigarette is mainly composed of a tube containing nicotine solution, an evaporation device and a battery. The nicotine solution is atomized by the evaporation device to generate an aerosol, so that the electronic cigarette smoker has a feeling similar to smoking.

The biggest difference between HNB and ordinary electronic cigarettes is that tobacco is still used, and the vapor released contains nicotine and without tar. But whether it is heated or not, the vapor produced is essentially different from the smoke generated when smoking. Long-term scientific experiments have confirmed that the real harm of smoking comes from the carbon monoxide and tar produced by the ignition of cigarettes, not nicotine itself.

Smoking itself is a personal choice, but it should not affect others. New technology and new products provide better choices for those who cannot or do not want to quit smoking. The emergence of tobacco heating product, which is regarded as the “iPhone” of the tobacco industry, is driving further changes in the global tobacco industry. Perhaps one day, there will be no more argues between smokers and non-smokers for the annoying smoke.

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