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52 Countries In the World Have Already Confirmed the Legitimacy of Electric Cigarettes

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52 Countries In the World Have Already Confirmed the Legitimacy of Electric Cigarettes

  • 2018-10-23

Along with the popularization and promotion of electric cigarettes all over the world in recent years,the question of how significantly electric cigarettes can reduce harmful chemicals compared to traditional tobacco products has always puzzled our consumers.Now we are trying putting an answer to it.

Electric cigarettes in technologically advanced countries such as European states and America have been accepted universally,the governments also delivered appropriate policies to achieve effective regulations on electric cigarettes and improve public health situation.But due to problems resulted from taxation、the interference from traditional tobacco groups and misinterpretation of electric cigarettes by media,some countries and regions have taken actions to ban electric cigarettes,while as some developed countries benefited more and more from from electric cigarettes,there has been a shift in opinions on the supervision of electric cigarettes,many countries have gradually lifted the ban on electric cigarettes ,legalized and subsumed them into the regulation system.For example:Canada,Philippines and Indonesia.

According to a report released by the UK Public Health Service:Electric cigarettes can serve as a safer alternative to traditional tobacco.This report summed up quantities of science researches and concluded that electric cigarettes can reduce about 95% of harmful chemicals compared to traditional cigarettes,this conclusion is published on the government’s official website in order to remind British smokers of an optional and healthier way of smoking which will cease or reduce the harm of traditional tobacco.

In 2016,the UK Public Health Service and another 13 public health organizations issued a joint statement,which agreed that the health risk of electric cigarettes is lower than traditional tobacco and approved of its position as a tool for quitting smoking.

Royal College of Physicians published a study——《Nicotine Without Smoke:Tobacco Harm Reductionwhich approved these conclusions:

1.Electric cigarettes will not lead to the normalization of ordinary smoking

2.Electric cigarettes help quit smoking

3.The long-term harm of electric cigarette is not so serious as traditional tobacco

In 2016,via multiyear research,scientists all over the world concluded that electric cigarette is less harmful than traditional cigarette and can be regarded as a powerful tool for reducing the harm of traditional tobacco.many authorities in this field sent an open letter to World Health Organization suggesting objective analysis and evaluation of electric cigarette and rejecting misinterpretation of it by media.

According to the statistics of World Health Organization,52 countries in the world have confirmed the legitimacy of electric cigarettes and implemented the management of them,the World Health Organization wished that more countries come up with regulations on electric cigarettes to ensure legal and safe use of electric cigarettes.

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