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A Complete Interpretation of The Differences Between Traditional Cigarette and heated tobacco Product in 8 Aspects

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A Complete Interpretation of The Differences Between Traditional Cigarette and heated tobacco Product in 8 Aspects

  • 2019-12-06

During our daily lives,one of the most frequently asked question is:“What’s the difference between traditional tobacco and heated tobacco product”.Regardless of the fact that I have answered to such questions too many times,yet there are still many people who don’t quiet understand the differences between these two products.Well,we can let it go,here I am gonna feed you the most authoritative interpretation of the differences between them in 8 aspects,and I wish you can share this article with others so that more people can be aware of this industry.Okay,let’s keep to the point.


Traditional cigarette:the appearance and configuration of different brands of traditional cigarette doesn’t differ from each other——the shape of a cigarette plus a butt.The only difference lies in size and color.

heated tobacco product:the shape and size differs,the function and appearance of different brands of heated tobacco products vary a lot,but it’s certain that there is always one kind that suits you.

Operational Principle

Traditional cigarette:the tobacco was burned at a temperature of about 800-1,000 degree Celsius,under such circumstance,it releases smoke which contains tar and other chemicals.

Heated tobacco products:it does not burn a cigarette but evenly and fully heat the tobacco stick to 320 degree Celsius,the tobacco is well heated and bring you the same feel as original cigarette.


Traditional cigarette:when it’s burning,it produces tar,ash,nicotine and more than 4,000 kinds of harmful chemicals.

Heated tobacco product:it can deliver a mouthful of nicotine but produce no harmful chemicals,no tar,ash or second-hand smoke.

Usage Method

Traditional cigarette:light the cigarette,then start to smoke

Heated tobacco product:insert the specially designed tobacco stick into the device,then the built-in heating blade will heat the tobacco to 320 degree Celsius within 20s.


Traditional cigarette:the flavour of traditional cigarette is relatively homogeneous,fundamentally tobacco,some of which contains menthol.

Tobacco heating product:the flavour varies a lot,generally divided into three categories:fruit,tobacco and dessert.


Traditional cigarette:the unit-price of different brands varies from low grade to high grade,and the frequency of smoking also varies a lot,hence the cost will fluctuate.

Heated tobacco product:the consist of the money you pay for the device and subsequent cost of tobacco stick,the device may be a little expensive compare to the unit price of most traditional cigarette,but the tobacco stick can make up for it,so the average cost of heated tobacco product will be lower.


Traditional cigarette:it releases carbon monoxide,nicotine and about 4,000 other chemicals,most of which are harmful to our health,the concentration of the smoke of different brands of cigarette is also different,and large granules of smoke cause irreversible harm to your lung.

Heated tobacco product:the smoke of heated tobacco product is light and not so smelly,what’s really great is that nearly 95% of the harmful chemicals are prevented from being released due to the relatively low temperature.

Second-hand smoke

Traditional cigarette:the smoke released by the cigarette and smoker themselves are annoying,right?What’s worse is that it harms other people’s health.

Heated tobacco product:there is no second-hand smoke released and will leave no bad odor after smoking,so others will not be influenced.

From the 8 aspects above,we are now fully aware of the differences between traditional cigarette and heated tobacco product,have you made up your mind to switch to Tobacco Heating Device?

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