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 A Great News To Electric Cigarette Industry——The Ceasefire of Sino-US Trade War

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 A Great News To Electric Cigarette Industry——The Ceasefire of Sino-US Trade War

  • 2019-12-06

As a part of the trade war started by the US president Donald Trump,electric cigarette which was made in China was listed on the imported product inventory by the US governmental officials and was imposed a high tariff of 25%,this maneuver harmed the very interests of online&offline shops,various levels of distributors,American consumers and Chinese manufactures,shocked the whole electric cigarette industry.

But in December 1st 2018,news from the G20 Summit Meeting that a ceasefire agreement has been reached between China and US.On the evening of December 1st local time,leaders of the two countries met with each other in Buenos Aires and had dinner together.After two and a half hours of negotiation,it is said America wouldn’t impose more tariffs on the products exported to America in the next year,which was worth 200 billion dollars,both sides agreed to speed up negotiation on eliminating all surcharges,and China considered importing more American commodities in order  to resolve the Sino-US trade imbalance.

According to voice from the Chinese Foreign Ministry:this meeting has reached important consensus and gave direction to the Sino-US relationship in the following period.The White House made a statement that both sides agreed to prolong the decline of trade negotiation by 90 days,during which the US won’t impose new punitive measure on imported China-made products.

CCTV News reported that the vice Foreign Minister of Commercial Department and alternate of international trade negotiation Wang Shouwen added supplementary notes on the consensus reached during the summit meeting:the US planned to impose 10% of additional duties on China-made products which is worth 200 billion dollars from the beginning of the next year,and it would be raised to 25%,now the US decided to maintain the tariff at a level of 10% from the beginning of the next year.

Winter is the electric cigarette season,the two countries reached a ceasefire agreement at present,which is a good news to the whole industry and the consumers in America.

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