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An Open-Minded Look At heatde tobacco New Tobacco Product

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Mysmok ISMOD NANO review from Heat180.com Mysmok ISMOD NANO review from Heat180.com

NANO, a Simple, integrated device. There are 4 colors on the device: gold, red, green, black. You could change the top cover because it have a separat

An Open-Minded Look At heatde tobacco New Tobacco Product

  • 2019-12-06

What is heatde tobacco DEVICE? At the name suggests, it heats instead of burning the tobacco, which is its most distinct difference from traditional cigarettes. The majority of harmful chemicals in cigarette smoke are released as a result of combustion. By contrast, tobacco heating system like MySmok heats and maintains the temperature around 320C——a temperature under which most harmful substances are unable to form.  According to the experimental result, tobacco heating device helps with the reduction of more than 90% of harmful chemicals compared with traditional cigarettes.

Differences Between iSMOD I Aerosol and Cigarette Smoke

Though MySmok iSMOD produces vapor instead of smoke, the feeling it brings is completely different from traditional vape kit. Every vape knows that vaping feels significantly different to smoking cigarettes, while MySmok well stimulates the real smoking process and delivers the most authentic tobacco flavor.

The emergence of heatde tobacco product offers smokers a better alternative to smoking, because not every one can successfully switch to vaping. For example, it estimated that in the UK, only about 40% of vapers have managed to quit smoking. The rest of them have either went back to cigarettes or are in dual-use mode.

The high failure rate to quit smoking indicates that vaping is not an effective way to save smokers from cigarette addiction. Besides, nicotine is additive but not the reason that causes smoke-related diseases. It’s the harmful chemicals released under high combustion temperature that brings significant harm to the health of smokers. Therefore, we believe that heatde tobacco will be a better choice for smokers and worth them a try.

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