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As a Smoker, Have You Sensed the Increasing Popularity of Heated Tobacco Devices?

As a Smoker, Have You Sensed the Increasing Popularity of Heated Tobacco Devices?

  • 2019/12/02

Heated Tobacco CigarettesAs heated tobacco products reduce the harm of smoke compared to normal cigarettes, they have snatched 40% of the Japanese market from traditional cigarettes at an unbelievable pace. “More and more people around me are attracted to heated tobacco product. News spread fast in the smoke world. Once a smoker feels good about a product, he will recommend it to other smokers. So I think the popularity of heated tobacco is more contributed by word of mouth than by advertising,” A 40-year-old smoker said.

According to the survey results released by the world-famous consulting company, Euromonitor International, Japan is currently the world’s largest market for tobacco heating products, accounting for 96% of the global sales of such products; Germany is the second largest market, and the United States will surpass Germany by 2021. In addition, the third and fourth largest markets for such products are Switzerland and Portugal respectively, and these two countries are the markets growing at the fastest pace.

Global leading tobacco companies have begun to increase the production of tobacco heating devices and sticks. This kind of product is not only sold in Japan, but has been expanded into some of the European markets.

To cope with the increasing global market demand, MySmok has invested a huge sum of money in 2018 to build a new factory in Dongguan, China. And it will officially launch production in June. It is estimated that MySmok’s production of heat-not-burn devices will double by the end of 2018.

Different from traditional cigarettes, The application of heated tobacco technology heats the tobacco stick enough to deliver the authentic flavor of tobacco with burning the tobacco leaf. Normally speaking, ordinary cigarettes, when lit, can produce a large number of harmful substances at high temperatures of 350°C to 600°C. But when cigarettes are heated to the exact temperature of 350°C, the harmful chemicals can be significantly reduced. So far, the market share tobacco heating products take up is comparatively low, yet its market potential can never be underestimated. I believe this new generation product will have a very promising future.

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