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  • FDA Formally Proclaimed That Nicotine Has Nothing to Do With Cancer
    • May 12,2020

    After more than half a century’s medical research,people failed to link nicotine to cancer.It was researchers who said that nicotine has nothing to do with cancer,now the governmental regulators admitted to the fact,too. Recently, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb formally proclaimed that nicotine has nothing to do with cancer.Lung cancer and heart disease which claimed the lives of millions of...

  • Researches Found Out That Heated tobacco Product Helps Quit Smoking
    • May 12,2020

    It’s reported that a researched funded by the British Cancer Research Center interviewed about 13,000 smokers in England.It showed that among them 26% switched to heated tobacco product,and most of them have tried quitting smoking in the last year.While to those who relied on traditional tobacco,only less than 27% of them desired to do so.The researchers claimed that smokers who have already switc...

  • Canada Concluded That Heated Tobacco Product helps Decrease Smoking Rate
    • May 12,2020

    The debate on the effect of heated tobacco products have always been haunted around these years,the trouble is that no other country give valid data to corroborate the idea that heated tobacco unit can decrease smoking rate except Britain,But recently,Canada, who has been cautious about heated tobacco product,confirmed the effect of heated tobacco product. According to the statistic from the Canad...

  • Philippine Government Decided to List Electric Cigarette as Legal Harm-Reduction Product
    • Nov 02,2018

    Good news from Philippines,the government has just passed a resolution to “list electric cigarette as harm-reduction aid! The decision makers remarked that“electric cigarette has played an important role in helping quit smoking,and authorized report from the British Public Health Service and Royal College of Physicians proved that electric cigarette can reduce 95% of the harm compared to tradition...

  • Whether Electric Cigarettes Should Be Regulated Or Not
    • May 12,2020

    It’s reported that there would be an open debate on the regulation of electric cigarettes from 8:00 am to 9:30 am on Nov.6th in Brussels. The debate aims to know more about the demands of smokers and pursue these two strands of ensure the quality and safety of products and function normally in inspiring innovation. British congressman David Campbell Bannerman approved by JTI(Japan Tobacco Internat...

  • Mysmok Wish You Happy Mid-Autumn Day
    • Dec 02,2019

    "May we all be blessed with longevity though far apart,we are still able to share the beauty of the moon together"——A well-known poem by the famous Chinese poet Su Shi,quoted by centuries of Chinese to send wish to each other during Mid-Autumn Day。 Mysmok Electric Technology Company Limited wish you happy Mid-Autumn Day in the coming of this traditional festival. Mysmok—— An electric cigarettes su...

  • The Implementation of Smoking Ban in Japan
    • Dec 02,2019

    In order to meet the 2020 Japanese Olympic Games, Japan has implemented a total ban on smoking. According to the Law on Improvement of Health Promotion issued in July 2018, it is not allowed to smoke in a multi-person indoor place other than a designated smoking room. The smoking ban has caused a major blow to restaurants and aroused heated arguments. As a result, the Health Promotion Law is amend...

  • British American Tobacco Edges Closer to Bringing Heated Tobacco Product to U.S.
    • Dec 02,2019

    LONDON — British American Tobacco (BAT) is preparing to enter the heted tobacco market in the United States. The U.K.-based parent company of Reynolds American Inc. said it plans to test launch Eclipse, a heat-not-burn product, in the U.S. within the next 12 months, according to Reuters. During its earnings call on July 26, BAT said it received a "substantial equivalence" clearance from the F...

  • Essential Knowledge about MySmok Heated Tobacco Device
    • Dec 02,2019

    1. What is heated tobacco? heated tobacco product is a tobacco product through which a user inhales nicotine-containing vapor. Tobacco heating products stimulate the behavior of ordinary smoking, and should be used with specially-designed tobacco sticks. 2. How does heated tobacco product work? To produce nicotine-containing vapor, the tobacco vaporizer heats the tobacco to 320 °. The heating syst...

  • Is MySmok Heated tobacco Device Good?
    • Dec 02,2019

    In 2004, e-cigarettes entered our lives as a substitute for traditional cigarettes. Ten years later, HNB as a new type of electronic cigarette quickly turns popular in Japan and becomes an indispensable item for many smokers. E-cigarettes were pinned on many hopes by smokers; however, the products didn’t bring them what they expected. As a result, the whole industry entered a dead end. Since heate...

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