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Canada Concluded That Heated Tobacco Product helps Decrease Smoking Rate

Canada Concluded That Heated Tobacco Product helps Decrease Smoking Rate

  • 2020/05/12

The debate on the effect of heated tobacco products have always been haunted around these years,the trouble is that no other country give valid data to corroborate the idea that heated tobacco unit can decrease smoking rate except Britain,But recently,Canada, who has been cautious about heated tobacco product,confirmed the effect of heated tobacco product.

According to the statistic from the Canadian Disease Control and Prevention Center,the smoking rate of adults in Canada hit the record low——Only 14%,Canada used to be a country with 42% of smoking rate,nearly half of them are smokers!

But maybe due to the strict regulation on heated tobacco technology,the authority did not attribute the decrease of smoking rate to heated tobacco product,instead,it propagated the success of “Anti-Smoking Education”,but the relationship between quitting smoking and heted tobacco cigarettes are still a topic which can never be neglected.

The Canadian Disease Control and Prevention Center expressed its idea on heating not burn product.It noted that there is no doubt heating not burn devoted a lot to helping quit smoking or switch to next generation product,but since heating not burn product is Regard as another kind of tobacco product,it was still considering whether it was real“Quit Smoking”.But what’s ridiculous is that the authority has not yet defined those who use heating not burn product as smoker.

About 5 months ago ,it has clarified its position on heating not burn product that heating not burn product did help a lot in quitting smoking.Nowadays many health organizations around the world  are paying attention to heating not burn products.

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