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Differences among Traditional Cigarettes, E-cigs and Heated Tobacco Products

Differences among Traditional Cigarettes, E-cigs and Heated Tobacco Products

  • 2019/12/02

In 1960s, filtered cigarettes rolled out, providing technology support for the reduction of the harm of cigarettes and offering smokers sense of security when smoking. The development of new type of tobacco products have been the most important event in the tobacco industry in the past decade. From 2003 during which a Chinese called Han Li launched e-cigs in the market to 2015 when IQOS officially sold heat-not-burn tobacco products in Japan, a series of revolutionary moves have greatly propelled the advancement of the tobacco industry. These new types of tobacco products have three features in common: no burning, nicotine-providing and no tar. Then what are the differences among traditional cigarettes, e-cigs and heated tobacco products? Let’s sort it out.


Working Mechanism



Traditional Cigarettes

Made up of ground tobacco, salt and water, sometimes along with bergamot oil, rise oil, etc. Give smokers a sense of pleasure by delivering nicotine-contained smoke.

Tobacco is directly burnt and about 4000 chemicals are released through combustion, many of which are harmful substances and can lead to various diseases and even cancer.

Threatening the health of smokers and people around for its release of a large quantity of harmful chemicals.

Electronic Cigarettes

Stimulate the tobacco smoke by heating e-liquid via atomizer.

As without tobacco, there is no burning and less generation of harmful chemicals. This kind of products meets users’ need to a certain extent.

Fail to bring the same feel as traditional cigarettes. And there is lingering smell left after heating e-liquid.  Besides, people around these e-cig smokers can be upset about the thick smoke blown out.

Heated products

Need no lighting, without the generation of ash. Deliver nicotine-contained vapor by heating real tobacco, bringing the same feel as ordinary cigarettes

Heating tobacco instead of burning it, producing no second-hand smoke and much less smell and imposing far fewer influences on the environment and people around. Bring a better smoking experience than e-cigs, which can better help smokers quit smoking. The harmful chemicals produced by heat-not-burn tobacco are 90% fewer than traditional cigs.

As it has a fewer negative effect on health, non-smokers can be intrigued and attempt to smoke.

For non-smokers, no tobacco products can be regarded as completely healthy. But for smokers who fail to quit smoking or who do not intend to quit, switching to heat-not-burn tobacco products undoubtedly help them suffer from much less smoking harm. By comparison, we can tell that heat-not-burn, this new generation product gains a remarkable edge over traditional cigarettes and e-cigs. We believe there will be more vigorous development momentum for this kind of products in the future, and it will gradually replace traditional cigarettes and e-cigarettes, becoming a new favorite among smokers.

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