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FDA Formally Proclaimed That Nicotine Has Nothing to Do With Cancer

FDA Formally Proclaimed That Nicotine Has Nothing to Do With Cancer

  • 2020/05/12

After more than half a century’s medical research,people failed to link nicotine to cancer.It was researchers who said that nicotine has nothing to do with cancer,now the governmental regulators admitted to the fact,too.

Recently, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb formally proclaimed that nicotine has nothing to do with cancer.Lung cancer and heart disease which claimed the lives of millions of people was not resulted from nicotine.It is something else released during smoking that lead to cancer and other diseases.

FDA realized that even the volume of nicotine in cigarette is low enough,it still doesn’t help to reduce the harm of smoking,and FDA never contemplate banning cigarette(they can’t make it).The focus of regulation will be addiction to smoking,trying to lower the smoking rate among youngsters and female.

FDA ’s attitude toward electronic cigarette has also changed from hostile to open-minded.Since electric cigarette is different from traditional cigarette,it can reduce harm and free smoker of more than 4,000 kinds of chemicals inherent in traditional cigarette.FDA agreed that the point is to impose appropriate regulation on electric cigarette rather than try to ban them arbitrarily.

FDA encouraged continuous research on the disease-causing trace elements in traditional cigarette, Dr.Scott Gottlieb has decided to discuss a new regulation with tobacco companies and experts in the future,and there will be a regulation on electric cigarette in the near future.

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