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How does it feel to have a heated tobacco cigarette kit?

How does it feel to have a heated tobacco cigarette kit?

  • 2019/12/02

Here is how Wilson feels after using iSMOD II tobacco heating system:

Upon receiving iSMOD II, my first reaction was “Wow, how cool is this!”

When I tried to study its overall design and using method, I found it was a totally unnecessary attempt. As no matter from its appearance or the way to use it, it can’t be simpler than you think. Anyone who has never seen this device will know how to use it in no time.

The whole device is composed of a charging base and two smoking holders. The two holders are firmly attached to each side of the charging base. When fully charged, take out one holder, insert a tobacco stick ,press the button for 3-5s, then the blue indicator will flash like 10s. When the light stops flashing and stays solid on, you can just start smoking. How easy is that!

When inhaling the vapor, it feels somewhat warm and gives a throat hit. It pretty much tastes like ordinary cig, but not as strong as it. There is no much smoke blown out and no smell left in the air after smoking. I even smell nothing on my clothes. So good!

After smoking a few cigarettes, I will use the cleaning brush and swabs come in the package to clean up residual tobacco, which makes sure the device work well next time.

I love this product! It’s way healthier than traditional cigarettes, because it produces much fewer harmful chemicals by heating tobacco instead of burning it. And it’s easy to use and clean. I believe I can quit ordinary cigarettes totally by using iSMOD II and I will recommend it to my friends. How proud will I be when they are jealous of me having this gadget!

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