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Is MySmok Heated tobacco Device Good?

Is MySmok Heated tobacco Device Good?

  • 2019/12/02

In 2004, e-cigarettes entered our lives as a substitute for traditional cigarettes. Ten years later, HNB as a new type of electronic cigarette quickly turns popular in Japan and becomes an indispensable item for many smokers. E-cigarettes were pinned on many hopes by smokers; however, the products didn’t bring them what they expected. As a result, the whole industry entered a dead end.

Since heated tobacco device was launched, the word about smoking cessation has been transformed into cigarette replacement or harm reduction. Since then, the electronic cigarette industry seems to have seen hope. Although the market expansion speed of heated tobacco surprises many people, there always exists doubt against products of this kind. So is heated tobacco device really good?

No Harmful Components Including Tar

Tar is a stable compound, so the persistence of its hazard is naturally understandable. tobacco heating device e-cigarette is not like ordinary cigarettes; it needs no lighting, produces no ash and controls the temperature at 320 C° when working. Compared with traditional cigarettes, MySmok heated tobacco cigarette kit reduces harmful substances by 90% and is almost free of tar (a small amount of tar may stick to the heat blade during the smoking process.

Of course, heated tobacco is not completely harmless. It is only a very effective product to reduce the harm of smoke. Some users say they will not cough again in midnight after using MySmok, which already speaks volume.

Effectively Reduce the Harm of Secondhand Smoke

MySmok heated tobacco e-cigarette is very close to traditional cigarette in taste, but it works in a completely different way from traditional cigs. Usually speaking, the cigarette is directly ignited and the temperature can reach up to 800°. In contrast, MySmok heats the special heatstick by the heat blade in the device, and the temperature during the smoking process is constant at 320°. There is no second-hand smoke or bad odor. Although the amount of smoke breathed out is smaller than traditional cigarettes, its taste is good and completely acceptable to smokers.

Easy to Carry, Highly Safe

MySmok tobacco heating device is compact, portable and easy to carry around. At the same time, it is easy to operate and safe , so that people can use it with peace of mind.

About the Price of MySmok Tobacco Heating Kit

After understanding the benefits of MySmok heated tobacco e-cigarettes, I believe that you now may be asking about the price. Mysmok is currently sold in many countries around the world. The detailed products information and prices can be checked at https://mysmok.en.alibaba.com/

We always welcome you to check it out.

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