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Mysmok Heated tobacco Device Accompanies You Watching Soccer Game

Mysmok Heated tobacco Device Accompanies You Watching Soccer Game

  • 2019/12/02

In 2018, the Russian World Cup comes on schedule and thousands of fans are rejoicing. They all believe that their respective home teams will do their utmost to make it through the game. In this summer full of passion and sweat, several friends sit together in front of the TV, cheering for the soccer teams they love. What an exciting thing will be!

Smoking, drinking, watching the game have become three must-do things for soccer fans. But many people hate those who smoke when watching the game. If you are a smoker and you can’t smoke because of other people around, how suffering can that be. The burning of traditional cigarettes leaves second-hand smoke and bad odor everywhere. More importantly, it will do harm to the health of smokers and people around. To solve this problem, MySmok rolls out tobacco heating devices, which heat the tobacco to 350°C without chemical combustion. As it tobacco heating device, there won’t generate bad smell. So no matter how many heatsticks you smoke, non-smokers around you won’t feel bothered.Drowsiness is the most annoying thing when you want to stay up late to watch the game. MySmok heated tobacco holder is not only refreshing, but won’t bring health problems to you and your family. It can be said to be the best gift for the World Cup fans!Since entering the industry of the next generation product, MySmok has been helping a lot of smokers to quit smoking and has gained plenty of praise.

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In 2018, we have participated in the electronic cigarette exhibition in Osaka, Japan, and the World Tobacco Europe exhibition in Sofia, Bulgaria. We’ve built up business relationships with our partners worldwide. Furthermore, we will participate in Vape Fes exhibition in Tokyo, Japan, from 17th Aug. to 19thAug. and InterTabac in Germany from 21st Sept. to 23rd Spet. We always look forward to your visit.

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