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MySmok Increases Investments in Heated Tobacco Devices

MySmok Increases Investments in Heated Tobacco Devices

  • 2019/12/02

Many people now are paying attention to the healthier smoking alternative: tobacco heating products, and this trend is gaining increasing momentum. After a person tries and feels good about it, he or she will recommended it to others. Therefore, the popularity of HNB tobacco products grows so rapidly even without many advertisements.

Unlike traditional cigarettes, heated tobacco technology can heat the tobacco up to a temperature that releases its authentic flavor without chemical combustion. Since the temperature is kept below 350 °C, the harmful substances are decreased effectively.

However, there always exist doubts against this new kind of tobacco product: since it uses real tobacco, it can’t be absolutely healthy to smokers. Indeed, tobacco heating device is not a completely healthy product in the traditional sense, but it is a product that is less harmful than traditional cigarettes. If one can successfully quit smoking, it certainly will be the best. Nevertheless, the reality is that not everyone is willing to quit smoking. Smokers still take up a huge percentage and will not disappear overnight. In this regard, the most intense anti-smoking organizations also have some reflections, recognizing that the main substances in the cigarettes that cause harm to the human health come from the combustion process, and that e-cigarettes are less harmful to smokers’ health as they deliver nicotine through the aerosol. Some smokers have tried electronic cigarettes, but they don't like it very much. For these people, HNB products may be more attractive.

As a manufacturer of heated tobacco vaporizer, MySmok has invested huge sums of money in the construction of a new plant in Dongguan, China. Several extra production lines are built and will start working in August to meet the growing market demand globally.

Today, heated tobacco products are being sold in nearly forty countries. Based on the current trend, this new kind of tobacco product will be launched and promoted in more countries and regions.

Whether heat-not-burn product will be good or bad to the tobacco industry, let’s wait and see.

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