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Researches Found Out That Heated tobacco Product Helps Quit Smoking

Researches Found Out That Heated tobacco Product Helps Quit Smoking

  • 2020/05/12

It’s reported that a researched funded by the British Cancer Research Center interviewed about 13,000 smokers in England.It showed that among them 26% switched to heated tobacco product,and most of them have tried quitting smoking in the last year.While to those who relied on traditional tobacco,only less than 27% of them desired to do so.The researchers claimed that smokers who have already switched to heated tobacco were more willing to quit smoking than those who relied on traditional tobacco.

Leader of the research,professional Sarah Jackson from London University said that some people expressed their concern that the popularity of tobacco heating device would result in the normalization of smoking in Britain,and would lessen smokers’ desire to quit smoking.Jackson observed on the London University News Briefing that relevant research did not indicate that heated tobacco unit would lessen people’s resolve to quit smoking.So you don’t have to worry about that.

What’s more,a specialist in this field said that no evidence implied that heated tobacco product will result in the normalization of smoking,so we should encourage those chronic smokers to switch to heated tobacco product.

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