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The Sustained Sales Growth of Mysmok Heated tobacco Device

The Sustained Sales Growth of Mysmok Heated tobacco Device

  • 2019/12/02

In recent years, global tobacco control initiatives have continued to advance, and the living space of traditional tobacco products has become narrower. The global smoking rate dropped by nearly half in the past 25 years. As a result, global cigarette sales have been declining, but the profits of the tobacco industry have not declined. New tobacco products gradually become a hot spot for research and development, leading the industry to change. As new tobacco products like e-cigarettes and tobacco heating device are much less harmful, they have become something that tobacco giants show great interest in, and the their market scale is growing rapidly.


In 2013,  the State Tobacco Monopoly set up a work group for new tobacco products to fully guide their development. As a member of the industry, MySmok has caught up with the times, and the heated tobacco devices produced by MySmok have gained widespread attention after its launch. Since tobacco heating device heats real tobacco, it feels more like smoking a traditional cigarette than e-cig does. At the same time, the harmful chemicals are greatly reduced by over 90%, which makes consumers more likely to switch from traditional cigarettes to the this new kind of tobacco product and quit smoking eventually.

MySmok mainly has two products, iSMOD I and iSMOD II. iSMOD I has a USB port at its bottom, which allows users to charge the device with any charger. iSMOD II consists of two smoking holders and a charging base. It needs no lighting, produces no smoke and leaves no ash. All you need is inserting the special heat stick, pressing the button and waiting for a few seconds to finish the preheating process.

In addition to working with convenience stores and retail stores around the world, MySmok also sells on some e-commerce platforms. Since its launch, MySmok sales have continued to increase. In response to the growing market demand, MySmok has built up a new plant with several extra assembly lines, which are expected to start production in late July.

tobacco heating device

"The market of heated tobacco products is huge. Due to the unique advantages of this kind of product, many countries have gradually opened up market for it. So we are very optimistic about the future," said Rachel Lin, marketing director of MySmok.

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