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Whether Electric Cigarettes Should Be Regulated Or Not

Whether Electric Cigarettes Should Be Regulated Or Not

  • 2020/05/12

It’s reported that there would be an open debate on the regulation of electric cigarettes from 8:00 am to 9:30 am on Nov.6th in Brussels.

The debate aims to know more about the demands of smokers and pursue these two strands of ensure the quality and safety of products

and function normally in inspiring innovation.

British congressman David Campbell Bannerman approved by JTI(Japan Tobacco International) will preside at this debate and discuss

traditional tobacco alternatives such as the next generation products and electric cigarettes.

The regulation of electric cigarettes has become the theme of political debates since the popularity of electric cigarettes:Whether we

should accept them as an alternative to traditional products or issue a total ban of them.Although there are specific regulatory frameworks

in the EU,and the member states’view on this problem diverge a lot.

The debate will focus on the obvious and potential benefits of electric cigarettes,but people shall not view their potentialities to reduce risk,

especially in aspects of social and public health,we should not only adapt to a new nicotine transmission system but also be aware of their

various benefits.

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