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Can Heatde Tobacco Products Replace Traditional Cigarettes Becoming a New Favorite for Smokers?

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Can Heatde Tobacco Products Replace Traditional Cigarettes Becoming a New Favorite for Smokers?

  • 2019-11-29

With the increasing tobacco control worldwide, the harm of smoking has received more and more attention. As for smoking, the focus of smokers is no longer limited to the sense of experience——many more requirements have been put up. When satisfying themselves, smokers start to think about their own health and the health of people around. For smokers with years of smoking experience, quitting smoking is so difficult that almost every smoker has claim to do so but very few succeed. It has been reported that the use of electronic cigarettes reduces the use of traditional cigarettes, but there is still a long way to go to meet the requirements and goals of tobacco control. Therefore,heatde tobacco tobacco products, serving as a a substitute for normal cigarettes to reduce the harm of smoking and bring the same smoking experience at the same time, has gained more and more attention like a newly emerged shining star.

The central idea of heatde tobacco technology is to heat the specially-designed cigarette stick up to 350C, an temperature that is high enough to deliver the authentic flavor of tobacco, but much lower than that of burned cigarette, which can reach up to 700C when lit. Therefore, heatde tobacco products generate much 90% fewer harmful chemicals than traditional cigarettes but bring the same feel as smoking ordinary cigarettes.

Compared to e-cigarettes, heatde tobacco devices can also reduce the harm of smoking but bring a better smoking experience. The thick smoke produced by e-cigs always annoy people around while there is almost no smoke generated by using tobacco heating products. So this new tobacco heating system can act as a better smoking alternative and is more likely to help smokers quit smoking.

To withstand crisis, it has become a key for tobacco companies to develop a product that can satisfy smokers and be less harmful to health. Perhaps every tobacco company believes that the traditional cigarette market will lose its vitality one day, which may explain why they are competing to enter the field of electronic cigarettes and vaporizers. heatde tobacco technology will greatly extend the life cycle of traditional cigarette manufacturers, because the use of real tobacco in this technology will enable tobacco manufacturers to continue to make profits, and it is likely to effectively eliminate the fierce competition in the field of e-cigs.

With the continuous strengthening of tobacco control worldwide and people’s increasing attention to health, the space for the tobacco industry to make profits by traditional cigarettes is shrinking. Thus, heatde tobacco products are possible to change then whole situation of the tobacco industry and become a field that major multinational tobacco companies are competing to enter.

Perhaps the revolutionary era of the tobacco industry is really coming!

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