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Canadian Government Means to Print Warnings On Cigarette

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Canadian Government Means to Print Warnings On Cigarette

  • 2018-11-08

Cancer is now one of the major diseases that affects one’s health and threatened human lives,earned itself the title of“No.1 killer”.Every year in Canada many people die of different kinds of health problems caused by smoking.

The government is considering demanding tobacco manufactures to print the warning“Smoking causes cancer”on each cigarette,if such request is put into practice,Canada would be the first in the world to do such.The CTV reported that the government started to gather public opinions on how to print marked warnings on tobacco product,one of the idea is to print the warning“Smoking causes cancer”on each cigarette,tobacco manufactures are required only to print such warnings on the package by now.

According to a governmental document,relevant research implied that such warnings on cigarette can help quit smoking.Senior policy analyst Rob Cunningham of Canada Cancer Association noted that it was a reasonable advise,it can remind the smoker of the harm of smoking everyday.He thinks that it helps the police to crack down fake cigarette.Moreover,the manufactures are required to change the warnings on the product package each year,it has been 6 years since the warning was changed last time in 2012. Cunningham said that people’s impression of such warnings depends on the frequency of the change.

Besides changing the warning.,the government also suggested adding bright colors and attractive cartoons on cigarette,the manufactures need to ensure that the warnings on each package meet the same theme and sense,it’s expected that shisha and heated tobacco device would be asked to present warnings too.

These proposals above remains opening to public opinion,the closing date is Jan.4th.2019.The government predicted that there were about 45 thousand people in Canada died of diseases caused by smoking every year.

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