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Does Heated Tobacco Product Help Quit Smoking?

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Does Heated Tobacco Product Help Quit Smoking?

  • 2019-12-06

To confirm whether the popularity of heated tobacco product has something to do with the decrease of smoking rate,a research named“The Interrelations of heated tobacco Product and Smoking Rate in the latest twelve months”investigated the situation of quit smoking in the last decade.According to relevant data extracted from two surveys based on the population of Britain,it’s certain that the popularity of heated tobacco product has something to do with the decrease of smoking rate.

Researcher analysed relevant data from《National Health Interview Survey》and 《The Amount of Smokers Nationwide》in the last decade,it implied that the amount of consumers of heated tobacco product is directly in proportion to the amount of people who quit smoking forever,here we’re sure that the popularity of heated tobacco product is related to the decrease of smoking rate.

The researcher noted that these discoveries will affect governmental regulations on tobacco industry in the future.While a report from the British Disease Prevention and Control Center indicated that smoking rate in Britain hit a record low,but it refused to admit the important role heated tobacco product played in the regard,and attributed to governmental regulations on the industry,regardless of the reality that many people in Britain have already switched to heated tobacco product,it did’t think that it’s the key reason for the decrease of smoking rate.

Meanwhile,a research funded by the Royal College of Physicians meant to evaluate the effect of heated tobacco product in helping quit smoking implied thatheated tobacco product is a top priority to those who want to quit smoking.Many smokers agreed that heated tobacco product is more popular than other smoking deterent approved by the authority.It’s said that heated tobacco product can deliver you the same feel as traditional tobacco,and will play a more important role in helping quit smoking.

It’s not only in Britain,but many other countries that heated tobacco product has been accepted as a smoke-free product.According to the latest report published by the British Public Health Service,heated tobacco product has established its position as a top priority in helping quit smoking,it also stressed that with the help of heated tobacco product,the success rate of quitting smoking rose by 50% and the health risk is reduced by at least 95%.Nowadays people attached more and more importance to health,the harm of traditional cigarette are stressed by many authorities.With the characteristics of no tar,ash,second-hand smoke,and reducing 95% of the harmful chemicals compared to rolling tobacco,heated tobacco product is favored by more and more consumers.

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