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E-One Light Up Vape Kit

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E-One Light Up Vape Kit

E-one is an one-piece vaporizer in the compact size and simplest design. Shake it, the built-in Marquee-LED light will blink in gradient color.

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ISMOD NANO Heated tobacco Device, A Simple, Integrated Device. Color: Gold, Red, Black, Green Upon Fully Charged≥ 20 sticks Dimensions: 27x17x90mm Battery: 1500mAh Preheat Duration: 15 seconds Working  Duration: 15 puff or 300 seconds

iSMODⅠ Smokeless Non-combustion E cigarettes for Heated tobacco cartridge

Mysmok iSMODⅠ Smokeless Non-combustion E cigarettes 650mAh is a vapor pen kit to be used with tobacco. It features fast charging and battery capacity of 650mAh. It comes in three different colors. Have a try! •  iSMOD I comes with a 650mAh battery that allows the consumption of 10-14 cigarettes at a single charge. •  As it's compact, light-weight and highly portable, you can take it wherever you want. •  Once pressing the button, iSMOD I will heat the tobacco stick in the next 20s, during which the heat blade inside the holder will reach 320℃, fully and evenly heating the tobacco stick. •  As iSMOD I does not burn tobacco, needs no lighting and leaves no ash, it's a truly smoke-free tobacco device and can serve as a healthy smoking alternative for adult smokers. • Product Size: Φ17*110mm     Gift Box size: 50*144*41mm • Net Weight: 28.5g                  Gross Weight: 103g

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Leather Pouch for MySmok Heated tobacco Device

• The leather pouch is made of high-quality microfiber material •  It’s smooth, wearable, easy to clean, cost effective, small in size but has a large storage capacity. • Every inch of the space is well utilized. The cleaning device, the special tobacco sticks and the heated tobacco device can be put in place without friction. • The magnetic core inside the leather cover can keep the case well closed and protect the stuff from falling off.

Mysmok iSMOD I e cig starter kit vape pen China wholesale

Mysmok iSMODⅠ is a e cig starter kit supports heated Tobacco. Its chamber is easy for cleaning up and removing odour, bringing you pure vapor! •  iSMOD I, a smartly designed tobacco heating device, can be held with one hand effortlessly. •  Within 20s after turning on the holder, the heat blade quickly reaches an temperature that can evenly and fully heat the special tobacco stick and release a mouthful of nicotine. •  It's the nicotine-containing vapor that makes iSMOD I popular among smokers. •  It gives you the throat hit as regular cigarettes but significantly brings down harmful substances at the same time. • Product Size: Φ17*110mm     Gift Box size: 50*144*41mm • Net Weight: 28.5g                  Gross Weight: 103g


Mysmok iSMODⅡPLus is a  a updated version Heated Tobacco device,it 's double-rods design, with the magnetic charging function,more strong,there is a power bank with a capacity of 2600 mAh and 160 mAh rod. This is some kind of novelty,would you like to try it.

Electronic Cigarette Cleaning Brushes
Cleaning Brush for Mysmok Heated tobacco Device

• We use fine bristles, made of nylon and PP, tough and wearable • The adoption of good-quality material and the special handle design allow the brush to be used in a convinient way and for a longer time

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