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  • vape pod system

    E-One Light Up Vape Kit E-one is an one-piece vaporizer in the compact size and simplest design. Shake it, the built-in Marquee-LED light will blink in gradient color. more

  • NOVA Vape Starter Kit Replacement and Refillable Pod System NOVA vape Pod Starter Kit is the incarnation of modern philosophy. Button-free Design. All-in-one Kit The NOVA Vape Pod Starter Kit is an ultra compact and portable vaping kit designed for vapers on the go Innovative Air-Driven System The combination of a care-free filling system, high performance Air-flow sensor, and simplicity makes it the best device for vaping experience Replacement Pod Cartridges And Refillable Pod Let’s explore our 6 satisfying flavors. more

  • heated tobacco

    Mysmok ISMOD I PLUS tobacco heating unit white electronic cigarette device Mysmok ISmok I PLUS is a stick-shaped Tobacco Heating Device with comfortable hand feel and light weight. Come in three colors including black, white and red. Have a try! Charger Time:1.5 hour Battery Type: 650mah High Rate Lithium Battery Heating Slice Material: MCH Ceramic Heating Plate Smoking Time: 230s Preheating Time: 20s Heating Temperature:350℃ more

  • Disposable Vape Pod

    Disposable Vape Pod System MS2020 starter kit MS2020 is a Disposable Vape Pod. It's the newest generation of vaping products. Easy to use and carry.  So, try out the hottest thing on the market right now in terms of devices. Whether you are just using them for fun, convenience, or just starting out, we have a pod system for you! more

  • ISMOD II Plus black

    ISMOD II Plus tobacco heating device 2600mAh Black double Rods •  Mysmok iSMODⅡ PLus, we upgraded the power bank and material.there is a power bank with a capacity of 2600 mAh and 160 mAh rod,much stronger •  it's double-rods design, with the magnetic charging function •  By heating tobacco, iSMOD II Plus creates tobacco vapor. It will not leave odor on your clothes. •  color:white,black,red more

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Mysmok ISMOD II PLUS review from Heat180 community Mysmok ISMOD II PLUS review from Heat180 community

last week, the famous heated tobacco Community heat180 invite a product review for Mysmok ISMOD II Plus。 Who is Heat180? Let's see the introduction on

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