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Have you smoked a cigarette that keeps you from traditional unhealthy cigarettes?

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Mysmok ISMOD NANO review from Heat180.com Mysmok ISMOD NANO review from Heat180.com

NANO, a Simple, integrated device. There are 4 colors on the device: gold, red, green, black. You could change the top cover because it have a separat

Have you smoked a cigarette that keeps you from traditional unhealthy cigarettes?

  • 2019-12-06

“A person who smokes 15 to 20 cigarettes a day is 14 times more likely to die from lung cancer, oral cancer, or laryngeal cancer than non-smokers. The risk of death from esophageal cancer they take is 4 times greater than that from non-smokers. Smokers are twice as likely to die from bladder cancer or from heart disease. Smoking is the leading cause of chronic bronchitis and emphysema, and chronic lung disease itself also increases pneumonia and heart disease. Meanwhile, smoking also increases the risk of high blood pressure.” This paragraph is taken from the Chinese Baidu Encyclopedia, the largest search engine site. Because cigarette contains more than 4,000 harmful substances, its harm does not need to be reiterated. Quitting smoking has also become a top priority for many smokers.

Tobacco addiction actually includes two parts: physiological addiction and psychological addiction. Therefore, quitting smoking is not only quitting the physiological needs of nicotine, but also quitting the psychological needs of smoking. It is this psychological demand that is the biggest obstacle to quitting smoking, and it’s the reason why quitting smoking is very difficult. Every time you make up your mind, you are always vigorous, throwing away all the lighters and cutting off all the cigarettes from the inventory, but usually after a short period of time, you still will ask your bro, “Do you still have a cigarette? Can't stand it.” Such stories happen every day. You want to quit smoking, but just fail to control.

So is there a simpler way for you to overcome your cravings and to avoid the harm caused by traditional cigarettes?

Sure, there is!

MySmok heatde tobacco device, as next generation product, is a groundbreaking tobacco heating system. It brings you the authentic flavor of tobacco without burning the real tobacco.

As it heats rather than burn tobacco, there is no ash, tar or second-hand smoke generated. Compared with traditional tobacco products, it reduces harmful chemicals by more than 90%, therefore its harm to health is almost negligible. After being fully charged, iSMOD I allows the consumption of about 10 tobacco sticks. MySmok iSMOD will not only bring most users the enjoyment of smoking , but also ensure that they will not indulge in smoking and gradually achieve the final smoking cessation effect.

Therefore, Mysmok is an ideal smoking cessation product. Even you may not completely quit smoking, choosing a healthier way to smoke is also the best compromise.

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