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Heatde Tobacco Device Review—from a Smoker of 24 Years of Smoking Experience

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Heatde Tobacco Device Review—from a Smoker of 24 Years of Smoking Experience

  • 2019-12-02

I’ve been smoking ordinary cigarettes for many years; it’s quite intriguing to test out the heatde tobacco tobacco at the first time. Though I’ve heard of e-cigs before, whose news is too much to be counted, I’ve never felt like to change my old habit. But as my health condition is turning worse for years of smoking and I’ve failed to quit smoking many times, I finally decided to buy a set of Mysmok tobacco heating device recommended by my friend for the sake of my health. I’ve gained some knowledge of this device from Internet. Even if it may not help me quit smoking completely, it’s still worth a try since the harm brought by such product is 90% less than traditional cigarettes. Since I’ve never tried other e-cigs, I will only share my opinion of Mysmok heatde tobacco device and explain the way to use it.

Upon receiving the product, there are some pics and brief introduction of the product written on the package.

When opening up the box, two smoking holders, a charging base, a charging cable, a cleaning brush, some cotton swabs and a manual are found.

Charging base is streamlined designed and looks more elegant. And its four corners are rounded to prevent possible injury. While for the two holders, they are attached to the groove of the charging base on each side for recharging and space-saving. Most importantly, the whole design makes the gadget look chic and exquisite.

When the charging base is recharged, two red indicators will flash until it’s fully charged.

This is what the charging base looks without two rods. There are magnets on both sides which can firmly hold the rods in place. No way to fall off!

Give the holder a close-up, which is kind of like a pen

Insert the cigarette into the holder and press the button for 3-5s, then the indicator will flash like 10s and you can start smoking when the indicator stays solid on.


1. The product is quite good and you can tell from many details that the manufacturer has invested a lot in the design. I like its streamline design and more in fond of the innovative two-rod design. I’ve never seen such device before.

2. It tastes like ordinary cigarettes, not strong but well preserves the tobacco taste. No much smoke blown out compared to regular cigarette.

3. It’s quite easy to use the gadget, and no need to refill liquid. Much more convenient than e-cigs.

4. The magnetic charging function allows me to charge the holder any time any where

5. The tobacco stick is not too hot, the temperature is quite well controlled. And as no e-liquid is needed, there is no worry that the liquid may leak out, which can be encountered by e-cig users.


1. As the magnet on the groove firmly holds the rods in place, it takes you a little effort to take it out.

2. The holder needs recharging after every use, you have to wait for a few mins to recharge the holder. But seen from other perspective, it helps you control smoke addition; otherwise, one cigarette after another will never help quit smoking. So this does not count as a disadvantage actually.

3. The vapor blown out is not much, for those who like thick smoke may feel not cool enough.

Conclusion: all in all, this heatde tobacco device is really worth a try.

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