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Heated tobacco device : A Perfect Balance Between Health and Sensuous Enjoyment

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Heated tobacco device : A Perfect Balance Between Health and Sensuous Enjoyment

  • 2020-03-31

According to data from the British center for disease control,the smoking rate of adults in Britain hit the bottom from 15.5% in 2017 to 13.9% in 2018.Many people would think that it looks cool when smoking,just like the movie star did in movies,but do you know that smoking rate has been falling these years.

Mr.Bryant,director of smoking and health office,said that more and more people quit smoking in the past decades,we have been focusing on smoking rate since 1965.Even though,preliminary data in 2017 showed that there are still 34 million British smokers,the British center for disease control said that about half a million British died of smoking each year.It’s hard to imagine a world with a smoking rate of less than 15% fifty years ago,bout 42% of the British smoke,smoking is a part of their daily life,You can smoke in office,dining hall,bar and the plane,you can also purchase cigarette on vending machines,there are also many ads of cigarette along the highway.

In 1964,when doctors released the first report regarding smoking and health,things changed,this report claimed that smoking led to cancer and other diseases.It takes much time for smoking rate to fall down,so it is with anti-smoking campaign and policies,it requires effective smoking alternative,the rise of cigarette price and relevant laws to help quit smoking.

Those expensive cigarettes would make smoking cost higher,especially to teenagers(most people begin to smoke in their youth),to create a smoke-free future,people shall not smoke in office,bar and public area,a smokeless environment keeps people away from smoking.What;s more,in 2010,most health insurance plan and Medicaid involves quitting smoking plan,helping smokers get the resource and tool for quitting smoking.Since 1965,the government has been working on the education of children,spreading the harm of smoking,although low smoking rate contributes to public health,specialists said that there were more work to do.

Smoking rate has been falling,but it tends to be stable.Most people smokes every day.According to a commentary published by a British medical magazine in 2018,even a cigarette a day makes you closer to the risk of heart disease.Moreover,with the invention of heated tobacco product,many smokers have switched to heated tobacco.According to data from the British center for disease control,11.7% of the smokers have tried heated tobacco,increased by 1.5%,experts said that heated tobacco can help quit smoking and is healthier.It;s believed that smoking rate will fall to 12% by 2020,a smoke-free future is awaiting.

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