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Heated Tobacco Product Can Not Only help quit smoking but also Prevent Relapse

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Heated Tobacco Product Can Not Only help quit smoking but also Prevent Relapse

  • 2019-12-06

Is it true that heated Tobacco product can not only help quit smoking but also prevent relapse?According to a recent report from the Tobacco Post News,an analysis namedHeated Tobacco Product can serve as an alternative to traditional cigarette” published on the magazine《Drug and Alcohol,which claimed that heated tobacco product can not only help quit smoking but also prevent relapse.

This research was approved by the Medical and Health Research Committee of UEA,Dr.Caitlin Notley who is the chief analyst of UEA Norwich Medical College led this research,he said that Tobacco Heating Product is the most popular smoking alternative in Britain,previous research implied that heated tobacco product played an important role in helping quit smoking,for it can meet the physiological,psychological and social needs of smokers.Besides its function of helping quit smoking,we also wonder what if people smoke traditional cigarette after switching to heated tobacco product.

It is of critical importance to know about it,then we can offer advice,guidance and support to smokers,helping people build a smoke-free world,especially those who hurt themselves after relapse.

Researchers investigated 40 people who have already quit smoking,these people all successfully quit smoking by way of switching to heated tobacco product,about half of them said that they occasionally smoke after quitting smoking,especially in social occasion.While the result showed that compared to those who haven’t switched to heated tobacco product,the reaction of user of heated tobacco product is totally different,

Chief analyst Dr.Caitlin Notley claimed that in the past,one time of casual smoking will result in relapse,it is usually agreed that the quit-smoking campaign is a complete failure,But the invention of heated tobacco product changed the present situation,one casual time of smoking is acceptable to some users of heated tobacco product,for it will not lead to relapse.

Dr.Caitlin Notley thus concluded that heated tobacco product can deliver the same feel as traditional cigarette but produces no harmful chemicals,no tar or ash.The difficulty of quitting smoking has always troubled smokers,many people have tried to quit smoking but their resolve fell short of their wishes.A cigarette from others will make all your effort fell back to square one,this result is really a good news to smokers.

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