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Heated tobacco Product:Three Advantages Over Traditional Cigarette

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Heated tobacco Product:Three Advantages Over Traditional Cigarette

  • 2019-11-29

Since the popularization of heated tobacco product,many smokers have questioned that why so many people switched to heated tobacco product.The fact is that,as something advanced than traditional cigarette,heated tobacco product can take hold in the market dominated by traditional tobacco industry,this surely has much to do with the great advantages of heated tobacco product itself.

Firstly,the ashes produced during the combustion of traditional tobacco trouble many smokers,it makes no difference whether you use an ashtray or add smoke water in it,when you’re trying to drop the cigarette ashes into the ashtray,there will still be a little of them left on the carpets,sofa or somewhere else.It’s hard to clean up the cigarette ashes which may also be pollutive.What’s more,when you’re holding a cigarette,it’s also inconvenient——For example,there are not many who can keep a comforting gesture while smoking.

Among a series of fires,many of them were resulted from traditional cigarette.No matter it is the quilt or the bed or other combustible materials at home,even the rubbish bin and the burning cigarette can lead to a fire risk.While these concerns listed above never come with heated tobacco product,no combustion,no ash,what you need to do is to charge it,after using it,you only need to clean it periodically,although it seems a little troublesome compared to disposable cigarette,but it;s acceptable,as far as the fire may resulted from charging the device,in the modern society,there are phone,computer and air conditioner in almost every family,so we can let it go.

Secondly,smoking has thousands of years of history,but cigarette,which people are familiar with has a history of only around 200 years.During which the flavor of cigarette changed a lot,but the appearance of cigarette didn’t change——A stick wrapped in a piece of paper,although some of them are thick ones while others are thin ones.

Nowadays,with the material life changed a lot,cigarette——serving as the food for thought,is no longer simply a solution to “cigarette addiction”.A pack of well designed cigarette can also make you feel happy.

Equipped with a series of advanced technologies and freed from the restraint of regular tobacco,albeit a relatively short history,heated tobacco product developed rapidly.

Thirdly,from public opinion to the slogan“Smoking is harmful to your health”which can be uttered from everyone’s mouth.Even tobacco company has also printed the warnings on the packages.More and more people have tried to quit smoking,but most of them failed for lack of resolve.Under such background,the rise of heated tobacco product may give an answer to the problem.

Last but not the least,the researchers from London University published an analyzing report about heated tobacco product and quit smoking on BMC Medical Magazine.It investigated 13,000 smokers in England,the researchers concluded that smokers who often contact with those who use heated tobacco product are likely to quit smoking.In the research,those who quit smoking successfully made up 32% of people who often contact with heated tobacco product users,while the proportion of those who rarely contact with them is less than 27%,5% of difference,with more than 1 billion smokers in the world,it would be a big step forward if we launched the campaign of quit smoking globally.

In fact,since the rise of tobacco heating product,it is popular for the role of“smoking alternative”.The market

still debates on whether heated tobacco can help quit smoking.But I think it deserves a try.

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