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How to Further Expand Overseas Electric Cigarette Market?

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Mysmok ISMOD NANO review from Heat180.com Mysmok ISMOD NANO review from Heat180.com

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How to Further Expand Overseas Electric Cigarette Market?

  • 2020-03-31

Global Market Prospect

Since electric cigarette was invented,the relevant market scale has developed rapidly from 0.9 billion dollars in 2010 to 10 billion dollars in 2016,with a compound growth rate of 41%,,after the rapid growth from 2012 to 2014,the growth rate slowed down then,but still maintained a growth rate of 20%.Generally speaking,electric cigarette industry has a promising future,the rising price of rolling tobacco, people’s awareness of health,more and more regulation on traditional tobacco industry and its advantage of diversity all contributed to the development of electric cigarette,the global electric cigarette market scale has broke through 15 billion dollars,it’s expected to reach 50 billion dollars by 2025,with the promotion of Chinese and overseas market,and now many such companies are focus on further expanding overseas market.

The Greater Picture

The IECIE E-Cig 2018 in Shanghai and the TPE 2019 in California all drew much attention within the industry,no matter manufacturers,users ,apart from the good news in Policy,it also has much to do with the exhibitors.We can see that expanding overseas market is the tendency,no matter in Southeast Asia,Japan,South Korea or mature markets in Europe and America,it;s a battle we can not afford to lose,now we are trying discussing the strategies of expanding overseas market from two aspects:Market and policy.

The Japanese heated tobacco Market

Since heated tobacco product was rolled out,the government has been more and more tough on the regulation of tobacco industry,the tobacco tax keeps rising,along with the upcoming Tokyo Olympics in 2020,heated tobacco product gets more and more popular among consumers.

There are 20 million smokers in Japan,about 30%-40% of them have already switched to heated tobacco products,heated tobacco products didn’t restrict the market,on the contrary,it promoted the development of the whole industry.More and more people know about heated tobacco technology.

The sales of heated tobacco product is about 5 billion dollars in 2017,it;s predicted that the sales will exceed 15 billion dollars by 2021,which is close to the sales of traditional electric cigarette,makes up 45% of the total sales of tobacco products.many companies in China have also invested in this field.For example,Mysmok Electric Technology Co,Ltd is pioneering in the R&D of heated tobacco product,it has already rolled out a series of heated tobacco product——Mysmok ISMOD I and Mysmok ISMOD II,which enjoys a good reputation in overseas market.

Heated tobacco units Manufacturer

According to a research conducted by Japan Tobacco International in May 2018,smoking rate in Japan has fell to 17.6%,this research has been conducted consecutively since 1965 with a frequency of once a year,female smoking rate fell from 9.3% to 9%,male smoking rate fell from 28.2% to 27.8%.Apparently,the consumers of traditional tobaccos are decreasing.

The Advantage of heated tobacco Product

When smoking,the temperature of ordinary cigarette can reach 600 degree Celsius,which has to do many harmful diseases released when smoking,white heated tobacco product can deliver a mouthful of nicotine but produce no harmful chemicals,it has made a perfect balance between health and sensuous enjoyment.

heat not burn product

Emerging Market——New Zealand

The Zelanian public health department announced that electronic cigarette,heated tobacco product and other nicotine product are allowed to be put on sale since June 6th 2018,it’s likely that electric cigarette will take the place of ordinary cigarette in the future.insiders predicted that the Oceania market will grow by 2-3X in the next year,since the government keeps raising tobacco tax,which leads to a much higher tobacco price,the government has decided to switch more and more smokers to electric cigarette by 2025,it has strengthened people’s willingness to consume.

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