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Heated tobacco device iSMOD II

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iSMOD II Heat without Burning Kit e cigarette mod kit white

Mysmok iSMODⅡ Heat without Burning Kit e cig mod kit 2200mAh is a Factory direct Vape Mod to be used with tobacco. It features fast charging and battery capacity of 2200mAh. It comes in three different colors. Have a try!

•  iSMOD II uses state-of-the-art technology that heats tobacco and delivers the authentic flavor of tobacco without fire, smoke and ash.

•  A particular tobacco stick is inserted into the holder which heats the tobacco with ceramic heat blade.

•  The intelligent temperature control system makes sure the temperature reaches and maintains 320℃ when smoking.

•  As iSMOD creates tobacco vapor rather than smoke, it will dissipate very quickly and leaves no bad odor on your clothes.

•  Rod Size: Φ14.5*92mm   Product Size: 55*101*21mm   Gift Box size: 50*144*41mm

•  Net Weight: 104g             Gross Weight: 180g

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    iSMOD II White
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    Dongguan, China
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Specifications of ISMOD II Heat Without Burning Kit:
Size: 55*101*21mm
Color: black,white,red
Battery Type: High Rate Lithium Battery
Rod Battery Capacity:100mah
Charger Battery Capacity:2200mAh
Charge Mode: Fast Charging
Smoking Time: 300s
Preheating Time: <20s
Heating Temperature: 320℃

Packing List of  ISMOD II Heat Without Burning Kit:
1* Charging Base
2* Double Rods
1* USB Cable
1* User Manual
1* Cleaning Brush

We have been devoting ourselves to the research, development and manufacture of a next generation tobacco product 

that can deliver a mouthful of nicotine but generate no harmful chemicals, no tar or ash. 

It does not combust a cigarette, yet creating the same feel as ordinary cigarette. 

We’ve perfectly balanced health with sensuous feeling. 

Knowing what you need, we try our best to bring you different smoking experience. 

And now we’ve successfully made it! Mysmok’s brand-new tobacco heating device is finally available in the market.

 tobacco heating


Excellent Application of Minimalism

Mysmok iSMOD II embodies the idea of simplism, which is also the first impression left on people. 

Our pioneering double-rod design, with the magnetic charging function, 

is a perfect combination of technology innovation and the design philosophy of minimalism. 

The precise temperature control at 350℃ makes sure the tobacco cartridge is evenly and fully heated. 

The ability to restore the authentic flavor of tobacco makes it live up to all the expectations.      

heat not burn technology

20s Preheating Time


The special tobacco stick is inserted in the holder. 

Then the highly sensitive temperature sensor will heat the cigarette up to 320℃ in the next 20s. 

When it’s finished, it’s your time to enjoy the smoking process. 

Why is the heating time set for 300s? Well, it is designed in consideration of most smokers' needs. 

Normally speaking, the nicotine amount will be enough for smokers within this period. 

But it’s just what we take for a reference, you can take more if feel not satisfied enough.


heat not burn vaporizers


320℃ Accurate Temperature Control

Mysmok iSMOD II prescisely controls the temperature at 320℃. 

It’s an exact temperature that can evenly and fully heat up the cigarette, 

with the restoration of tobacco and nicotine taste 

and without chemical combustion at the same time.    


2200mAh Battery Capacity Meets One Day’s Need

The charging base comes with a built-in 2200mAh battery 

while each holder has a 100mAh battery. 

By optimizing the circuit structure, two holders are allowed to attach to the charging base 

for fast charging and longer usage time. 

Besides, the two rods can be used interchangeably to meet people’s needs maximally.  


Heat Not Burn


One-Button Operation


It’s easy to operate Mysmok iSMOD II: pressing the button for 5s. 

When the indicator no longer flashes and turns solid on, 

you will be allowed to enjoy the authentic taste of tobacco. 

One button operation brings you convenience and better smoking experience; it’s simple and fun!

Heat Not Burn Tobacco


Smart Design, Easy to Carry


As Mysmok iSMOD II sticks to the principle of minimalism, it's more compact and highly portable. 

You can hold it with one hand effortlessly. 

Having this gadget indicates one's pursuit of a healthy and upbeat lifestyle. 

We hope Mysmok can help create a smoke-free future, offering people a new perspective

 to understand what a beautiful and good life is. 

When you take out your iSMOD II, your friends probably would say, 

“Wow! How cool is that!” Yes, you will be proud of what you’ve got.  

Heat Not Burn Products  

A Healthier Smoking Alternative for Smokers


320℃ accurate temperature control helps release the authentic flavor of tobacco. 

As it’s heated not burned, the harmful chemicals generated are much fewer than those of ordinary cigarettes. 

Therefore, our Mysmok iSMOD can serve as a healthier smoking alternative. 

If you find great difficulty in quitting smoking as the pleasure that tobacco brings is unforgettable,

then choosing iSMOD will be the best compromise.

Parliament Heatsticks

Powerful Technology Support

Mysmok adopts an intelligent temperature control technology. 

When not smoking, the heater will remain at 300℃; 

when smoking, it will rapidly heat the cigarette up to 320℃, 

which prevents the heat stick from getting overheat and maintains the best flavor of tobacco. 

At the same time, the adoption of this technology improves energy efficiency for longer smoking time.


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