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Japanese Anti-Smoking History

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Japanese Anti-Smoking History

  • 2019-12-06

According to a report published by the Japanese government recently,smoking rate in Japan is 17.9%,but back in 1966,83.7% of the Japanese are smokers,it'e evident that this data had fallen sharply in the past decades,the researchers owe such change to the smoking ban and relevant movement.Actually,the Japanese Anti-Smoking regulations didn't exist until the last 10 years,before such regulations were issued,the early stage of tobacco advertising slogans all preached the goodliness of smoking.

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Such advertisements are attractive of course,tobacco has been introduced into Japan in Edo Period,since then,tobacco industry in Japan was a monopoly industry exercising exclusive state trading and selling,those who trade illegally would be imprisoned for 3 years and fined for 50,000 yen,serving as an indispensable source of Japan's tax revenue,cigarette has been playing an important role in Japan's social culture.

Things changed in the last 10 years,in the light of upcoming Tokyo Olympics 2020,anti-smoking campaign payed off,especially in the recent years,the government was more and more tough on smoking ban,it perfected numerous relevant regulations and laws,such as banning smoking in public area to promote nationwide “No Smoking Olympics”,and show the world an image of a civilized nation.

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But as is said above,tobacco tax is an indispensable source of Japan's tax revenue,so the government needs to keep a balance between “state image” and “health”,not only protect those who don't smoke from harmed,but also make smokers not so uncomfortable.Hence the government proposed to separate smokers from those who don't smoke.it;'s always easier said than done if you need to balance the interests of both sides.For example,people are not allowed to smoking in noshery such as McDonalds,for one will not stay long here,but when it comes to izakaya and karaoke,people can kill time there and it's hard to ban smoking in such places.

The picture below is a smoking room in Haneda Airport,very humanized,isn't it?Those who don;t smoke will not be bothered,when waiting for your flight,a cigarette can relieve tension and stress.

The sales volume of rolling tobacco in Japan is 46.8 billion in the first half of 2017,slipped 11.2% from the corresponding period of last year.the Japan Tobacco International claimed that the slip of tobacco sales was due to the rise of heated tobacco,more and more smokers have already switched to next generation product,smokers care about others' feelings when smoking,but there is no tar,ash or second-hand smoke when you use heated tobacco device,what's more,nearly 95% of the harmful chemicals will be reduced,it keeps a balance between health and sensuous enjoyment.Nowadays one can see many notices recommend electric cigarette or heatde tobacco product while ban rolling tobacco on the dining table of many coffeehouse and restaurants,it's obvious that heated toabcco product has been accepted by people and become a part of safeguarding public health,the Japanese variety show《Ame Talk》even record a show for heated tobacco product deliberately.

Japan Tobacco International has also begin to show humanistic care of smokers in propaganda film and promote next generation products.

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