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More Than 7,000 Kinds of Carcinogens in Cigarettes

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More Than 7,000 Kinds of Carcinogens in Cigarettes

  • 2019-11-28

The British Health Department is famous for its professionalism in tobacco industry,they have already conducted many experiments to prove the differences between traditional cigarette and heated tobacco product,last week,the experiment below is one to show the harm of traditional cigarette and the differences between these two kinds of tobacco products.

Most of us know that smoking is  bad for our health, in fact it's the biggest preventable cause of death in the country.,over three million people currently use heated tobacco products, however there are still lots of misconceptions around their relative safety.

I am here with one of the country's leading stop smoking experts who's going to carry out an experiment to show the impact of smoking conventional cigarettes compared to heated tobacco products.

What we are going to do is we are going to have one bell jar setup to smoke average number of cigarettes smoked by smokers each month.

Let's see what is going to happen.

Here is the cigarette smoke.

It's a bad job. I mean just so revolting.Look, let's just see inside of the jar.

Here a lump of tar.So that's what's going on inside your lungs.

And now we gonna cut this tube and ...

Ah look! That's a lot of it!

This is really off to one month. So it is what's happening inside our bodies, when we smoke.It certainly good indication.

Yes, my research shows that cigarette are significantly harmful to our health.It's credible that the tar which we can see here is produced by cigarettes. The impact of using heated tobacco products in the long-term is obvious.So this is experiment shows that every cigarette you smoke causes tar enter your body.And it's tar contains the poisonous chemicals that spread through the bloodstream which are linked to diseases such as heart disease, stroke and cancer.

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