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MySmok Heatde Tobacco Device Grows Rapidly around the World

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MySmok Heatde Tobacco Device Grows Rapidly around the World

  • 2019-12-13

With the rapid expansion of the global tobacco market, the total market for new tobacco products reached US$30.598 billion in 2017, increasing by 27.2% and accounting for 3.9% of the total tobacco market of US$782.676 billion. Among all new tobacco products, e-cigarettes and heatde tobacco devices take up the largest share. In 2017, the global e-cigarette consumer was about 35 million, increasing by more than five times in five years compared with the number 6.838 million in 2012.

The consumer groups of new tobacco products are mainly distributed in some developed countries and “BRIC countries”. The countries with a large number of e-cigarette consumers are the United States, China, the United Kingdom, Poland, Germany, Italy and Russia. Consumers of e-cigarettes in major developed countries in Europe and other continents have generally grown rapidly. For example, the number of e-cigarette consumers in Germany has exceeded 1.805 million, an increase of 11.3%. The growth rate of e-cigarette consumers in China has reached 11.4%. By 2017, Chinese e-cig consumers have reached 2.341 million, achieving a record high.

On the other hand, we can also see the actual contrast between new tobacco products and the traditional cigarette market. In terms of market size, the sales of new tobacco products in 2016 were less than 1.5% of traditional tobacco products; from the perspective of consumers, the number of e-cigarette consumers in 2016 was 31.133 million while there were 800 million traditional cigarette consumers. It is not difficult to tell that in the coming period of time, new tobacco products are still a necessary supplement to traditional tobacco products.

At present, MySmok Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. regards the development of new tobacco product as a major strategic opportunity to promote its future advancement and puts a vast investment in it.

The tobacco heating device developed by MySmok effectively reduces the release of harmful components of tobacco and maximally lowers the health risk of product users. Through technological advancement and product innovation, MySmok effectively meets market demand and minimizes the risk of smoking. Compared with other new types of tobacco, heatde tobacco tobacco product is the closest in taste to traditional cigarettes, and its development prospect is very bright and promising.

At present, MySmok has been launched and sold in many countries around the world. From the perspective of sales volume and user experience, the market feedback is quite good. In the future, MySmok will cooperate with more countries and regions to make contributions to the promotion of a healthy and environment-friendly tobacco industry.

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