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Mysmok ISMOD II PLUS review from Heat180.com

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Mysmok ISMOD NANO review from Heat180.com Mysmok ISMOD NANO review from Heat180.com

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Mysmok ISMOD II PLUS review from Heat180.com

  • 2020-12-26

last week, the famous heated tobacco Community heat180 invite a product review for Mysmok ISMOD II Plus。

Who is heat180?

Let's see the introduction on their website:

Heat180 is a independent virtual community created by and for Heated Tobacco enthusiasts. Heat180 aims to provide in-depth, unbiased reviews and up-to-date information on the most recent developments in the Heated Toabcco industry. Heat180 is a welcoming place where users and enthusiasts, producers/ manufacturers, and those curious to learn more about Heated toabcco products can gather to share experiences and ideas.

Wow, so many fans in the community.

Let's see the review from the fans of ISMOD

The Basics About ISMOD II PLUS

Ismod is not an integrated device – this means that it has separate holder and charger components, The thing we find most interesting about the design though is that there are 2 holders included in the kit. This means that you get more uses out of the device before needing to charge. Our test users got 28 uses!

We also really liked that the holders are multi-use. You can get 2.5 consecutive uses out of one holder. We say 2.5 because the holder is not able to fully complete a third cycle. Cycles last around 4 minutes, 19 seconds, but if you attempt a third cycle it only lasts around 3 minutes.

The device itself is pretty simple. There is no temperature adjustment or self-cleaning. This makes it easy to operate for beginners or users who want a simple device.

smokeless toabcco product

  • Number of Cycles (how many tobacco sticks you could use in fully charged) :
    our test users got 28
  • Charging Time:
    Pocket Charger:3 hours, 45 minutes
    Holder:6 minutes, 14 seconds
  • Durability:
  • Life Expectancy:
    1 year
  • Maintenance:
  • Colors:
    Black, white, red

Our Thoughts on This Device

We really liked Mysmok Ismod II Plus. The device works well and is obviously very good quality. 28 uses  is a good number, especially when some of those uses are consecutive.

We were impressed by the strength of the magnet that keeps the holders in place in the pocket charger. If you leave the holder 2 inches or closer to the pocket charger, it will be pulled in automatically by the magnet’s strength. The magnet is so strong that it’s even a bit tricky to get the holders out of the pocket charger at points. We found that the best technique was to press your thumb and index finger on either side of the holder, while in the pocket charger, then sort of roll it out to break the magnetic grip.


tobacco heating device

In your Mysmok Ismod II Plus kit you will find; the pocket charger, the holder, the manual, the warranty card, a USB cable, a cleaning brush, and cleaning sticks.

Once you’ve opened your device it’s time to check the charge. With both holders in the pocket charger, click on the pocket charger control button. The LED indicator lights above the control button will light up. There are 3 lights and the number of lights lit will indicate the level of charge. If all 3 are lit, there is 100-60% charge remaining, if 2 are lit, there is 30-60% charge, and if only 1 is lit then there is less than 30% charge remaining.

When you press the pocket charger control button you will also notice that there are two LED lights on either side of the control button. These are the holder charge indicator lights. They will show whether the holders are charged or need charge. A solid blue light means the holder is charged and ready to be used, a flashing red light mean the holder is charging but has not yet reached full charge.

If any components need to be charged upon opening the kit, make sure that you have the holders in the pocket charger, then connect the pocket charger to a power source via the USB cable.

Once everything is fully charged, you can begin using the device. To do so, remove a holder from the pocket charger, it doesn’t matter which one, and insert a toabcco stick. Then press and holder the holder control button. The holder will vibrate and the holder LED indicator light will begin flashing. This means that the device is heating. Heating takes approximately 15 seconds, at which time the holder will vibrate again and the holder LED indicator light will turn solid. The holder is now ready to use.

Each cycle lasts around 4 minutes, 19 seconds or 14 puffs. When the cycle is nearing the end, the holder LED indicator light will begin flashing then the holder will vibrate. As we mentioned above you can get 2.5 cycles out of a holder before needing to charge. Simply wait for the cycle to end completely, then press and hold the control button again so begin another cycle.

When you’re satisfied, simply place the holder back into the pocket charger and wait for it to charge.


  • How To Turn ON/Off Holder:
    Press and hold control button
  • Heating Time:
    15 seconds
  • Indication that the Heating Process has Started:
    Holder vibrates and LED indicator light flashes
  • Indication that Device is Ready to Use:
    Holder vibrates and LED indicator light turns solid
  • Length of Cycle:
    4 minutes, 19 seconds or 14 puffs
  • Indication that Device is Powering Off:
    LED indicator light begins flashing, then holder vibrates
  • How to Shut Off Device Holder:
    Press and hold control button
  • Number of Cycles (how many tobacco sticks you could use  in fully charged):
    Officially 20-28 and our test users got 28
  • How to Check Battery Status:
    Pocket Charger:click control button.
    Holder: when LED indicator light turns red, holder needs charging.
  • How Often Should You Clean the Device?
  • How to Manually Clean Device:
    Use cleaning sticks and cleaning brush to wipe away grime
  • Troubleshooting:
    See 'Mysmok Ismod II Plus Manual' button below


Mysmok offers a 90 day warranty from the date of purchase. This warranty covers manufacturer defects and is valid only with the presentation of the warranty card.

Mysmok ISMOD II Plus Manual

Mysmok ISMOD II Plus Warranty Card

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