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No Tar,Ash or Second-hand Smoke——The Past and Present of Smokeless Product

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No Tar,Ash or Second-hand Smoke——The Past and Present of Smokeless Product

  • 2019-12-06

With the increase of population in recent years,there seems to be more smokers,but the fact is that the market share of traditional tobacco is shrinking,the government became more and more tough on tobacco industry,the sales of big tobacco companies in the world can’t run away from it and are in need of change.

In the seek of new incremental market,international tobacco companies all chose to invest in electric cigarette industry or next generation products such as heated tobacco device,China stood as the greatest tobacco manufacturer and consumer,has also joined the game.Here I’d like to introduce the definition,working principle,classification,developing tendency of next generation product.

Most of the tobacco products in the world are rolling tobacco(burning tobacco),while the next generation product is much different from the former,in fact,when the Indians first discovered tobacco,it was for eating,rolling tobacco and heated tobacco both have a long history.

Heated tobacco refers to something that produce no harmful chemicals,no tar or ash,it does not burn a cigarette,yet bring you the same feel as ordinary cigarette.both heated tobacco and traditional tobacco contain nicotine,which can deliver a mouthful of nicotine,but what the differences between them lie in:

1.Heated tobacco product spares combustion,no tar,ash or other harmful chemicals.

2.Heated tobacco product does not produce second-hand smoke,hence it will not bother others in public area,easing the conflict between smoking and smoking ban to some degree.

The working principle of traditional tobacco is known to everyone,when you want to smoke,just pick out a cigarette and light it up,but when it comes to heated tobacco,it is a little complicated,first you need to get a tobacco heating device,then insert the specially designed tobacco stick into the holder,and press the button to heat it,the nicotine inherent in the tobacco stick can be fully released,while 95% of the harmful chemicals can be reduced.

In the recent years,many multinational tobacco companies have been focused on the R&D of heated tobacco product.British&American tobacco,Japan Tobacco International and Imperial Tobacco ranks among the greatest four companies in the world,with a total market share of 67.2%,nearly monopolize the world tobacco market.

The sales of global electric cigarette in 2012 is about 600 million dollars,and increased rapidly since then,the intervention of big companies have also promoted the quick development of heated tobacco,and escalated industrial upgrading,took the place of electric cigarette step by step.Multinational tobacco company either research it independently or merger other companies,almost every company participated in merger or acquisition.

British&American Tobacco has invested 50 million pounds in the R&D of“Next Generation Product”,it merged the electric cigarette of Reynolds(A leading tobacco company in the world)and rolled out its next generation product glo in 2006.Since 1980s,the US tobacco company Reynolds has invested 2 billion dollars in the R&D of heated tobacco.

Other companies including JTI has also rolled out its smokeless products,it’s certain that heated tobacco industry will develop rapidly in the near future and reconstruct the whole industry.

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